Gief vids

postin up with a new vid. Gief/Thanos/Tron.

wanted to get that strictly low-tier feelin

will post some match footage in the future.
look forward to some:

and other random non-gief low tier all vs. spidey/akuma/cc

Combo Vids

vol 1

vol 2

vol 3 [media=youtube]iW6Kfh8NrjY[/media]

Match Vids

Mag/Gief/Tron , Gief/Psy/Tron

just some footage of a couple gief teams in action, gettin warmed up here

Gief/Psy/Tron , Gief/Wolvie/Psy

Gief/Wolvie/Tron , Morrigan/Son/Tron

I assume Spidey/Akuma/CapCom is your brother’s team?


ECZangief, what capture device are you using?

im doin it the old fashion way-- just vhs tape, then i use a digital camcorder to get the good bits onto my computer.

my bro always starts spidey. that team is incredibly well-rounded for an oddball one, spidey random limbs behind akuma exp. whenever he crosses up is stoopid to try and block. it doesn’t have the same functionality with either cap/akuma on point

edit: damn judge-- i meant to give respect at the end of my vid, had it in the rough cut, but forgot for final. next time.:looney: more low tier discussion the better

bippity bumpity

Hey keep up the vids whenever ya can man and keep on warming up. It almost seemed as if a different person was playing in your 4th vid lol Some of those matches are pretty cool and it’s neat seeing how quirky Spidey’s hitboxes are in action. Your brother likes to jump over you a lot (I don’t think he is ADing much) and plant Gouki-exp behind you as he tries to combo you or link MS. I wonder what it is he is trying to do on launch tho? He continually does like 2 or 3 hits and just drops you. I also saw you do something similar with Wolvy, but it looked as if you did a ghetto falling cross-up and caught him on the other side after the long pause. Maybe he tries to do the same…on near every launch :rofl:

I wonder if I can just pick up a cheap webcam and record some stuff onto my comp that way for the time being. I’m going to look into some cheap ones right now. I want to join the MvC2 Low-Tier Vid Club even though you would see me running through the CPU, but I would do some stuff in training as well and whatever :looney:

edit: I’m surprised neither of you guys do double-snaps more often…there are quite a few opportunities :wink:

edit2: Ok, I have a pretty neat recording program now, and just need to pick up a webcam. The cheapest I see are like $10. Get ready for Akuma-b/Thanos-a/Gief-grnd,airthrow action lol Seriously, it’s one of my favorite teams -_-

Ok, so…I got this one:
See what I can contribute in 2-3days. It’s Mahvel Baby! :tup:


i think him droppin me out from AC was 50% bad execution and 50% “well shit its workin anyway”

we’re straight yomi in this famiree

I wanna see this in-match!!! :tup: Stop holding out on your bro. Give it to em’ straight and start Giefin it :slight_smile:

edit: I like your team as Gief-Y/Mag-A/Tron-Y :slight_smile: …but I would likely throw Akuma in there somewhere for the heck of it (Gief-Y/Mag-A/Akuma-antiair,expansion likely)

It has arrived. lol Downloading drivers.

edit: USB2.0 JPEG WEBCAM i see no manufacturer so it’s a bitch finding the necessary driver for this. sending an e-mail to the seller and still looking but if anyone knows…

edit2: i didn’t check the bottom of the package for the mini installation cd…hahahahaha WOW

Contributes to the Gief Vid Collection. Some vids of me trying to mess around with a few of your Gief teams. I throw Akuma-B/Wolvy-B into the mix eventually for a lovely aa feel. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m recording with a new webcam that I am pushing to the limits via setting adjustments and lighting to get decent quality footage, so I suggest you watch them in high quality.

I just noticed your post response on one of your vids ecz, so I will likely give some constructive criticism tonight since I’m up late and doing gaming sessions this weekend. I’ll see if I feel like hitting my own vids as well. Also, criticism is welcome towards my vids as well, even though I wasn’t really playing to pwn but pushing the teams to see how raw they were.

Ecz, actually, now that I think about it, there isn’t much constructive criticism to give outside of:

-think about what assists you are up against and how they affect your movement/gameplay (e.g., countercall/damage/latent projectiles)

-initiate offense…don’t spend too much time on the defensive as you will just allow the other player to try more stuff on you until you eventually mess up, but know when to block

-continue to work on linking assist into supers as methods tend to vary with different assists

-continue to work on weighing risk vs reward by abandoning safety in some things that you do…hopefully, learning to play safer by leaving fewer holes

-you have good set-ups and your execution appears to be pretty decent according to your initial strat vids, so put some of those into play accordingly

gief specific:

-don’t make a habit out of calling gief-ground assist from fullscreen…also don’t be fooled, gief-a is not an invincible-aa so it will not clear the way often of whatever happens in front of you to allow you to super
-don’t focus so much on set-ups that you abandon free BnB damage
-coughmore tron-ycough

Dang the stuff on on this video is sick!!

I still haven’t gotten back into the Marvel swing… But I do love the work you guys have been doing!!!

ECzangief, could you explain to me the strategy behind Team Tokyo Breakfast? Its an interesting team and I’d also like to hear how you came up with the name :slight_smile:

I posted some comments on your vids, as well.

This is eczangief,

By Team Tokyo Breakfast, you must be referring to my dynamic of Zangief/Wolverine/Thanos. An overall look at each character’s individual contribution:

-builds good meter
-pretty much plays a solid game with his long normals and basic elements of fighting
-provides strong assists (ground assist is useful…air throw assist is decent for thanos’ spatial control…throw assist is specific in c.:mp: cross-ups on hit from wolvy and thanos into reset or w/ wolvy launch + gief throw xx xx d+hk reset for example)

mvc wolverine:
-offensive character w/ good speed, mobility, damage
-has a good stock of meter for spd up if necessary for pressure strings or simple combo into DHC or double snap into assist kill
-offers good assists (anti-air is not invincible, but very useful for breaking some opposing pressure strings and for corner GBs for Thanos’ Death Sphere infinite; expansion and dash are both good for forward moving attacks outside of the point’s own w/ expansion being the most useful for filling gaps in Thanos blockstrings into bubble or Gief’s blockstrings into dp+K extensions)

-uses meter well, so he could allow for a change in the overall team dynamic (some of which I will list after this drawn-out explanation lol)
-his assists are nice (capture being the most profitable as a reset tool and projectile threat that would lead into extended damage if hit by)
-zones better than most characters simply b/c of little stuff like dash up safety off s.:hp: + assist xx death sphere, repeat until presented w/ a reason not to or recycling back to original point via safe DHC by POWAAAA!!!

some basic team dynamics:

the most basic set-up for this team that is just meant to be played raw


I called it Team Tokyo Breakfast for no real reason outside of the fact that I like my eggs scrambled…that and Thanos and Wolverine are popular picks in some Japanese low-tier crazy fests.

yep yep

You’re not Eczangief…

Or are you…? (Shifts eyes and looks around suspiciously)

LOL Maybe he meant that this is FOR eczangief…

I know. I was kidding around…

Geez, why does everyone think I’m so serious all the time?

LOL. nice.

That wasn’t me, but I’ll let it slide on account of it made me laugh.

I fell off the the Marvel wagon, err got on it? Im not really sure, but I haven’t been playing too much lately bc of heavy work hours/ COD4 being wayyy too easy to play for a quick latenite sesh.

:u: wb :slight_smile:

It wasn’t?!!! Shit.