Gief and Hawk Bugs

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Sign up and post it on the HDR Bugzilla here: or I’ll get around to posting it myself eventually.

Good stuff, shitty bug.

What’s this? Does capcom watch it?

Someone at Backbone is aware of it and making suggestions. The intention is to put all the bugs in one place along with all the data that we can possibly give them to fix it without them needing to wade through long message board posts and so on.

Hopefully it will help convince Capcom to foot the bill and get the bugs fixed once everything’s in there. I’ll be letting Rey and a few others over there know about the Bugzilla within the next day or so.

Like I said, the last time I did this, the company loved it so much that they decided to host it themselves.

I just did it. You can tick holding down back into both commands, from both sides. It would appear that in the cases you pointed out however, you need to go back to neutral before starting the motion. Meaning you’d have tap down plus jab then do the motion. Or you could include the jab in the motion and it works every time as well. I have no way to test the safe jump thing you mentioned. And I’m not entirely convinced it actually makes ‘safe jump > super’ impossible but if the intent was for the motion to be there and it isn’t (I’m guessing that’s the case), then it sucks.

Man, this sure is some kind of weak coding here. I’d been having problems with super and 360+kick too, but until now I didn’t realize that this was because they were actually bugged. The changes to super motions and 360 motions were 2 out of like 6 motion changes made in the entire game, and Backbone couldn’t be troubled to actually test to see whether they worked? I mean, come on.

So wait, are you saying you got both of the super motions to work, both ways?

as Sirlin pointed out, the old commands still work. no more complaning.

The old commands don’t work with super (or with 360+k). The old 720 command will work if you start at the right side and then do 720 landing at right, but that’s not the old command working, it’s one instance of the old command satisfying the requirements of the new command. A 720 starting at down-back or down-forward like I usually used to do just doesn’t work anymore.

looks at wriggling worms scurrying from can


How about you shut the fuck up before you get owned. Wait, too fucking late.

The super command felt iffy from the start.

Bring back the old 720s Sirlin, thanks.

Either that, or stop buffering and link it the hard way. Personally I can’t get supers to work from any diagonal. Only right and right alone, regardless of the side I’m on…

nah not really. you dont even really need the super. by the time you get it, they’re dead and you dont even need to use it. its just style points.

im not really worried about it.

Thing is, I have pulled out many comeback wins thanks to the super.

uh why would you even bother trying to do #2? if your gonna tick with jump lp into super, just do the motion in the air, walk forward a step and hit / release punch

Can you define safe jump in? You say that a lot. Are you implying it’s safe to jump in, regardless of reversals…

The way ive done the super off a j.jab is do two half circle forward in the air, land, hold back, wait a second, hit jab. You can also delay the motion for a lot longer than you think if you do j.jab, two half circle back, wait, walk forward hit jab.

demon dash - safe jump is when you time the jump [jab] perfectly so that if they do a reversal, you land and block and if they dont, they block it or get hit.

So, lemme get this straight.

Gief’s new 720 motion starting at left (half circle left to right x2, then up/up-left/right + punch) is broken and does not work at all?

Also, If I hold down, or down back, and then start my new 720 motion at back, WITHOUT GOING TO NEUTRAL FIRST, my super won’t work?

This is fucked up. I was wondering why the new super was so hard to do sometimes.