GGXXR: Why is Dizzy low tier?

Awesome rush down and an zoning game. Why is she so low?

Well, she is low tier, but not because she is bad, per say. Just there are better characters. She does take slightly more damage than normal, and her stun rating is the lowest in the game (tied with Chipp). I once saw this happen:

Dizzy vs May, Dizzy opens with standing S, May opens with 6P. May gets a counter hit, and Dizzy is stunned. May does PKSH-> instant kill. It won’t happen every time, since stun is random, but it can happen.

It just comes down to the fact that there are other characters that can get damage easier and more often, while Dizzy has to take bigger risks with her mixups, or settle for less reward. For example, her throw/attack mixup from blocked fishes is risky since you can be counter-thrown so easily (though she has really good throw range, you can stay out of their throw range but it takes accuracy), and the only mid/low mixup I know of is the generic air dash -> poke->combo/air dash -> land, low poke->combo.

Not that she isn’t a good character, her bubbles are the shit in #R.

She has poor defense and her risk/reward ratio seems to create an uphill battle for her in most matchups. To put it simply, you have to work a lot harder to win with Dizzy than other characters.

Didn’t they also nerf FRC icespike, since it did absurb damage in XX?

But she’s still got combos that do ridiculous damage that are really easy to do. And isn’t her air dash just barely worse than Millia’s? I don’t get why characters like Jam and Bridget are above her.

Everyone in the game has combos that do ridiculous damage and that are easy to do.

IMO, Dizzy’s defense is pretty pathetic. She’s supposed to be a hit and run character. However, once you get past her projectiles the only thing she has to get someone away from her (other than what everyone has, like DAA and burst) is her super.

So, in a nutshell, if you can run away and lock people down with her projectiles (especially in the corner. Oh man.) she’s great. If they get away, you’d better be really, really good at dodging or you’re going to get spanked.

If someone comes at you from the air, you just do S, HS, ice. And you’re gonna eat a fish in the face if you come from the front. I guess I’m just hard to convince.

dizzy cannot handle getting rushed down

and in a rushing game like GG, that’s a bad thing
also i don’t like the late FRC on the ice spike in #R

Yup, Dizzy suffers the samething that Testament suffers from, and that’s getting rushed.

That happaned to me when I was using Axl, it was insane. @_@

And Axl is a fucking great character. So that should not make Dizzy any much worse.

…Dizzy isn’t low tier. Honestly, she can hang with anybody.

“Oh no, she can’t get rushed down!!!” lol, easier said than done. She’s one of the best space control characters in the game, hands down.

Dizzy has sick setups off a knockdown and heck, she can do like 70-80% damage off those setups for 1 or 2 FRCs. And that’s from normal guard meter. She also has a corner lockdown which will jack up the guard meter in no time, and last I looked, everybody has 100% combos with flashing bar…

But Dizzy’s ranked lower because it’s not really THAT hard to rush her down, and while she has the tools to start an offense, if she gets knocked down… yeah.

Please show me where she’s ranked low tier to begin with.

She isn’t supposed to be a hit and run, she is supposed to constantly pressure the other person. If she does her job as a Dizzy, getting rushed down shouldn’t be a huge worry since she can space the opponent extremely well, and make them even afraid to rush. A bubble/fish out can turn you rushing her into a hugely damaging combo, on you.

She isn’t low tier, and even if she was the game is so balanced anyway she’d still be able to compete. Tiers really aren’t important in GG, its really all about matchups. Dizzy has a few horrible matchups, but overall her matchups look even or in her favor to me.

cause your a stupid fucker that worries about tiers and is letting other fuckers tell you that you shouldnt play with a certain character cause OMG shes low tier, for crying out loud people stop this tiering crap madness. :tdown:

IF your good then youll own anyonw WITH any character. :devil:

shut up hanzo, he was asking a simple question.

its true he should not worry about tiers that shit its pointless and Practice makes you better not what a list says about a certain character, i can so prove you wrong that she is not low tier and in fact anyone can be upthere it just takes teh right skillz wich obviusly you dont have if you check Tiers first before starting to learn a new character. :tdown:

At no point did he say he wasn’t learning the character. It sounds to me like he is learning the character, is impressed, and doesn’t see why others say Dizzy has problems.

Dizzy isn’t low tier; I think she’s usually put “with the pack” in the middle. As I see it:


  1. Good projectiles that work well together to lock the opponent down.
  2. High damage in general.
  3. Respectable combo potential (see #2).
  4. Imperial Ray coves a lot of ground.
  5. Great throw range.
  6. Weird crossups with fish and air dashing.


  1. No really strong anti-air. (Projectiles usually require that you anticipate the jump, s.S is great against air dashes but not so hot against normal jump-ins, c.S doesn’t cover much area–especially to the front)
  2. No invincible wakeup. (Hard to turn the tables once the opponent gets in)
  3. Lag on projectiles, especially the fish.
  4. c.K is a good low attack, but Dizzy has no fast overhead to back it up unless she put a bubble out earlier.

Basically, I agree with what others have said. Dizzy’s great if you can keep the rush on, or the projectiles flowing. However, a pretty minor mistake (choosing the wrong projectile or otherwise letting the opponent in) tends to lead to trouble. I would only add that I think disadvantage #4 is my biggest problem with her; so far as I can tell, she’s got no meaningful high-low game.

Her command throw super gives her an invincible reversal, but otherwise she doesn’t have one without meter unless you count reversal backdash.

First off, I’m not trying to learn the character. A friend of mine is curious as to why she’s tiered so low when she’s so good. Quite frankly, we’re all stumped due to her awesomeness. Secondly, I made this thread to see if someone would reveal to me some vital weakness in here game so I could overcome her. Thirdly, did I ever say anywhere that “I always check teh tiers lol becoose I am teh uber noob lol and teh tiers are all dat matter lol.” No. I think I would have remembered that. And finally, I must admit that you do in fact suck. :tup: