GGX pin up

Me again.
Same deal as before.
:tup: or :tdown:
Don’t skimp on the critique if you have anything.

Dizzy’s tail should be longer and her hip looks disjointed but looks good otherwise.

Ky for instant win.

Excellent persepctive.

Needs more with Dizzy being DEAD.


I-No would pwn them all! :karate:
Actually, I hated drawing Ky almost as much as I hate Sol Badguy…cheap bastards and their chea–anyways!

I agree about the tail…maybe some showing under her left leg?
You might be confusing her hip with part of her outfit. Those flaps might make it a little confusing at a smaller size.

Thanks, for the info, though.

Awesome, :tup: for sure…

…But needs more Jam raping Ky.

Then in your next pic do someone less popular. Perhaps a Potemkin vs. Venom fight.

I give this pin-up 4 :tup: with bonus :tup: for Dizzy. Great work. :clap:


Excellent Work!

Looked at your site. Nice stuff.

Very solid pin-up! If I had to nit pick I would say the foreground blends in with the background to much. Try not to give the background as much line weight as the foreground. Anyway, Nice work, keep it up!

I dunno that much about GGX’s concepts, but I’m feelin it. I think you should make a darker more bolder outline though, that’d be ownage:tup:! for all your GGX storyline needs. It’s awesome because it helps explain a LOT of those pesky unanswered questions and speculations fighting games seem to be filled with. Personally I think the story and characters are way better than Street Fighter. (and it didn’t take 10 games to figure out what the hell was going on.)
((don’t shoot me, I’m a heavy bleeder.))

About the line weights: I’ve always had trouble with them. Either they’re too thick or not thick enough. Maybe one day I’ll get it right, but isn’t that why God invented inkers? :wgrin:

Wow. Impressive. The perspective is awsome.

And you have quite a good solid outline! :tup:

yow… can’t believe i just saw this. now this is pretty tight work.

Dizzy’s really reminding me of Storm (X-Men) with that pose going :stuck_out_tongue: