GGs SRK Vega Thread

This match up was me vs Rugilitarian from here on the boards.

We played FT10, Vega Mirror and he beat me 6-4. Guys got a good Vega. Had to give him is props.

I’ve been slowly moving away from Vega but that doesn’t take anything away from his victory. Play him for some training.

I figure people could post good match ups they have here so we can get an idea of who is and isn’t a decent player on our respective systems.

messages/descritions/videos of match ups with people here on SRK. Obviously since this is a vega sub fourm we’ll keep it focused on him.

I’m not shy to say my Vega is quite good. You could play me. Who knows, I could be the best Vega you’ll ever play :lovin:

K, Im getting on right now. FT10

Edit: never mind… my room mate has the PS3 atm. I’ll hit you up soon.

I can vouch for this statement lol

We played a few matches. the first few u kidna kicked my ass, but then it started to even out. You have a pretty aggressive vega vs vega

BTW Graphf, I friended u on psn, i duno if u ever replied to my message back

hey graphf!!!

ggs the other day although it was pretty laggy!!you got a great vega!!

but why did you delete me though?!i told you my connection was a bit off right??
was it something i said??

anyway ggs!

graph and DhEvil im gona add you both if thats cool…im lookin for another vega player who can just tear me to pieces! i have yet to meet a beast of a vega who can beat me everytime

lol banana totally ignored me…GWAH I SUUCK!!!

lol You guys, claiming to be the best…
I wish I had a PS3 to play against you guys. =P
The only Vega I played here was pedoviejo, but that was a while ago. GGs
And dreadz WAAAY before that, like back in Feb.

I can’t say for myself, pedo will have to say how I was. But he played well, and adapts well over a few matches, though he does like to start out defensively, and I took advantage of it often.

Any of you guys have PC version?

no rizhall i just have it on ps3…if you are ever on a ps3 for some reason send me an invite! you never know i might just be on! i would love to play you…and just for the record i have never said i was the best vega…im far from it lol

Thanks a lot, Graphf. Your Vega is awesome too. Admittedly, my Vega vs Vega isn’t that great… I don’t have much experience in that match-up at all. DHEvil has an awesome Vega. He beat my ass around town a few months ago, but I’ve gotten better since then! I wonder if I can take him now…

@Rizhall - I have the PC version too. My GFWL name is Rugalitarian

Anyone wanna play against me :D?
I’m a decent Vega! Not the best, and hopefully not the worst (:
PSN : DeadlyK
@Graphf I really wanted to have some great matches with you but last time I/we had horrible connection :[, maybe we could try it again sometimes (:

I got the message. you are added. cant wait to play and post the results here!

Sorry ya, the conection was just too bad so I deleted you. Its just the way the internet goes. didn’t you say you live in India? Thats the problem with online play. I just won’t even deal with it if the connection is not good. sorry man.

No one here is claiming to be the best. I started this simply to becasue I’d like to experience the Vegas on this board in comparison to mine. lol even though Im looking for another main, I’ll always play Vega.

We can try. Where do you live. Like I said if there is not a good connection it just feels like a waste ya know? The lag destroys any resemblance the game has to its true self.

We can try but if it doesn’t work out don’t take it personlly.

It was a joke, guys. =P
I’ll add you Tomorrow morning when I get home, Rugal~.
Or add “Rizhall”

You could add me I guess I haven’t been playing much Vega lately though.

I would like to play some more Vegas. I think mine is somewhat decent I hope haha. Not tnight though it’s hella late and I’m beat lol. Add me if you all want.

err’body add me! i’m always done for player matches. let it be known i share an account with another member of the household though: abel / ken player. he’s always down for playing too.

best vega right herr undisputed

I think i played a Vega player sometime at CTF GG to him.

Wasn’t me, was it? lol
Who do you use at CTF?
Also, GG’s Rugalitarian and Kurochevsky. You’re both awesome~