GGPO Mr.Moon Passed

My brother and friend passed away today after struggling with his health after a car accident he died of a brain aneurysm he wanted me to know that he loved the ggpo st community and ggpo in general he was always talking about ken and the new things he learned on ggpo and the people people he mentioned alot were Kevgeez CigarBoB Stevetrn, Aniken, Pasky, i hope he made it to heaven, love everyone he told me before he died at the hospital earlier today how much he loved all of you in the community and really wanted to let you guys know it he cared about the community more then himself, I’m going to morn my brothers passing but i have everyone in my prayers thanks people on ggpo who have given me there blessings already, i really appreciate it. he passed away while actually playing ggpo earlier around 11 brought my laptop and his SE stick and he passed away doing what he loved alpha 3/2 and ST

Wow. I’ve played him before but haven’t seen him on in a while. Huge condolences, man. Passing in the family is tough. Your family has my prayers.


I also played with him he was a world class player. He will always be in my prayers and thoughts before every ST game.

truly tragic, condolences and thoughts to your family.
i’ve recently lost a brother, as in brother in arms, due to him getting poisoned so badly his reality perception changed and he ended up ending his own life. hold your head up high and remember the good times. i’m sure that what he would’ve wanted for you.
i remember i spectated a couple of his matches when i was on and he was just nasty with his playstyle, great player.

again, condolences.

Thanks everyone we really appreciate it.