GGPO for online play

This needs to be brought up ASAP, so it’s time to get it out there. We need to bug capcom about adding GGPO to this game. No, not their own in-house version, we need the real deal. Sf4 and mvc3 were terrible, while SFV is barely passable. There needs to be progress with their new games and what better way to start than with mvc:i.

Most likely not going to happen since GGPO generally only gets picked up by indie/ported fighters. I’m down if it happens though.

Capcom has already used it for their games. Their attempts at recreating it have been average at best. If people don’t start asking about it now, we’ll end up with another mvc3

I think Capcom is aware that GGPO is better and we want it. But they aren’t going to use it when they have their own netcode, even if it sucks. I’m pretty sure the only reason their ports of older fighters have it is because they hired Iron Galaxy to do the ports, and they probably wanted to use GGPO. It just seems to be Japanese devs in general who don’t want to use it. Are there any Japanese made fighters that have it? Not even the Yatagarasu devs sprung for it, even though they said they would.

The one jp arcade dbz game that is like the gundam games used it.

It’s just random stubbornness for no particular, like a lot of other decisions that japanese devs make.

No point in reinventing the wheel, but they want to for whatever reason.

I don’t think it’s random. I think it’s arrogance.

They can’t stand that one AMERICAN guy in a basement invented this code (for fighting games even though it was around before that)

Japan just wants to say they can do it better while devoting no resources to it and not understanding that people can actually understand pingtimes.

It’s ludicrous but that’s all I expect from capcom anymore.

That’s probably because Japan have solid internet, on top of being a relatively small country. Delay netcode should be enough for a japanese player fight against anyone in the country without much lag. Unfortunately that’s not our reality.

They’ve used it for ports yeah.

When they make their own current/next gen games they don’t want to look at it. Just how it goes. The game being developed in house with a special catering towards casuals (ie single player content) means they will just put a lot of emphasis into that so they can secure themselves getting AAA game worthy sales for a fighting game for once again (only took 3 different fighting games with various screw ups to put that together). Which once again just ensure us that they have some gdlk samurai netcode of their own.

GGPO just has an extremely large track record for only being used for US budget games or ports.

I wonder if using GGPO framework in a AAA title affects the type of license that must be purchased or whether or not royalties are involved. Some developers may feel safer building in-house in case indie tools developers want to establish contracts, claim stake in the title, or something else.

TL:DR I hope GGPO framework becomes a standard with AAA fighting games especially on the Capcom side.

I’m really not sure why people are not clamoring for a good online experience, especially when it comes to marvel.

People are doing that on Twitter, Facebook, and various other outlets.

Capcom knows they better come hard with the netcode for Infinite.

Don’t forget that Marvel wants this thing to really take off. I expect pressure/support from their side of things as well.

Lot of energy to waste for something as unlikely as GGPO quality netcode to come into fruition.

Plus in the twitter world and such people are going to be bitching much harder about X character needing to be in than the netcode.