GGPO- 3v3 SBO Style Team Tournament (Only US/Canada) 2/13/09

This is my first time running one on ggpo so ill just give it a whirl

3s Team Tournament Sbo Style 3v3

Date: Friday Feb 13, 2009
Registration Time**: 6pm-7pm EST, 3 pm-4pm PST (Only US and Canada)
Start Time**: 7pm EST, 4pm PST
*All players will be required to meet on Mirc, in the channel #ggpo3v3 at Efnet

*Players are allowed to assemble their own teams ONLY as long as the players meet in IRC

*If you are not in the channel, you are NOT in the tournament

Before a match between players on different coast starts, change of smoothing will be needed
if its West Coast vs East Coast- players MUST play on 2 frame delay
(i dont want to hear ppl bitchin about it bein too laggy or delayed)

***if a player cannot/does not want to play on delayed game they will forfeit their match
*SBO Style format- players play till everyone on the opposing team has lost in a selected team order

(if players are left that do not form a team of 3, teams of 2 members may be allowed)

Winners get (idk) bragging rights for the weekend or something lol

Hope to see some strong players until then Stay Sharp ppl :tup:

I can wreck the tournament with my crappy internet :slight_smile:

I can haz hugz?

not to be a nay-sayer but…

do you think enough people will show up for this? There’s enough problems trying to get a normal tournament going with enough people online. Have ones like this before been successful?

yea before neiman ran spur of the moment tournaments then he ran a team tournament once and it worked out fine

besides i started to notice a trend in good players showing up around the afternoon time on ggpo so i decided to take a chance and throw a team tournament…ill start post the link to the thread tomorrow…unless someone would like to give a hand and link it for me while im not on

Ummm, actually it started with Mihashi and I doing 2 vs 2’s and 3 vs 3’s casually every now and then. Thats when you came out of no where, and Neiman started “A” tournament.

The interest in team tournaments are huge, but I doubt anyone wants to come to the fourm to look. They just want to play as it happens.

The good/most players start showing up at around 8pm-4am actually. 6 pm is way too early. The whole making a 2 frame limit on EC vs WC is pretty lame. It should be decided by the players, if they want to do it or not. Not every WC to EC is so horrible its non playable. If anything if one player wants 2 frame, and the other wants 0, then they meet at 1 frame as a mandatory rule.

thursday??6:30 eastern? I wont even be home from work by then. that time and date is whack.

street fighter 4 launch party, won’t be able to make it… :[

So far it seems like it’s going to be more of a no go due to the date and time…especially for me since like metric said, “Launch party.”

SFIV ftw, 3s will be done with

Well I heard about that stuff after neiman started doing tournaments…besides its not like 8-12 players were playing just you guys…this is a tournament not just casuals…ppl can play whatever way they want IMO I just don’t want ppl complaining about lag vs WC/EC players…its annoying and spoils fun…but anyways I figure to put a date so other players may show up

And I forgot the launch party date…ill schedule it…for sunday then since next day I don’t have class…other than that everything else is the same

And aleri don’t say that again lol I hate it when ppl say BS like that

I think that’s what they said about st


canceled? No one’s in the room

i forgot to change the date…im making it tomorrow at 7pm EST

Dont forget the IRC channel ppl


nooo, make it sat or sun or something! i work tomorrow ;_;

They didn’t.

Me too, except for the work part :wgrin:

sunday is good:wonder:

I can make it early on saturday if its easier…like at 4 or 5pm (since tomorrow is valentines day :slight_smile: )

if I see a good amount of ppl on tonight though ill make it then but if not ill make it tomorrow