GGPO 3S Streaming! Q&A with exodus!

In the same vein as Maximillion/Gootecks/Nica KO and many others, I will be starting to put my GGPO sessions to modestly good use by streaming along as I play (or watch others). Hopefully it will serve to balance out all the negativity in this forum lately. The objective here is not to embarrass anyone or shame anyone, but to get people to discuss about the finer points of 3S amidst actual gameplay. So, if you have some free time on your hands, join me on Twitch as I try my best to humor/educate. This can only work well if you actively participate by asking questions, so please do so!

I will post in this thread when I am live, and you can make it easier by subscribing to my channel.

live @8:15est

You should consider emailing gootecks and ask him about having you or NicaKO on one of his streams sometime, whether it be live or as a mic-mate over lobby. I’m sure that would help you all get your efforts soaring.

We had an idea to have a 3 way skype session with myself and NGUboy and Metric, but then NGUboy turned gay for FFXIVRR and we haven’t seen him again…

More like GAYboy, AMIRITE?

Play FFXIV ARR…it’s a good game

Is that where you’ve been too?

If anyone is looking to improve, I am willing to hold sessions where I will skype/play/stream and do my best to answer specific concerns about their game. I will offer that in my future sessions!


Holy shit, metric’s Will is just too strong for me.

ggs from last night Khangy.
from your POV, how can I improve my game?
what are the weaknesses that you see?

You’ll have to ask me the questions as I am playing so that I can actively formulate an answer during gameplay. Otherwise I am just playing mindlessly/robotically and don’t really have any clear thoughts. Your best bet is to Skype as you play me, but I’ll also answer text from the ggpo lobby or the stream chat.

Just a heads up, I will be hosting a session in 2-3 hours



Fuck metric play me instead. :frowning:


let’s go cervesa!

Eurgh! I think this is where NGU is too :’(

just kidding … :frowning: