GGGames Livestream Thread (European Streams))

Hello everyone.
I’ll keep this brief for you:
I’m hosting regular SSF4 livestreams on both 360&PS3(I try to switch between them).
Mostly doing “Open lobbies” but in a near future I’m going to be streaming a PS3 online tournament with live commentary from various players.

Here is the kicker: This is Europe based.
Link: GGGames livestream

Always searching for additional players, and I hope someone finds this interesting.

*Note, this is NOT a 24/7 stream. I’ll try however, to have the streaming running as often as possible.

Thank you for your time.

(The stream is currently running as I post this, if anyone wants to check it out)

Nice. I’ll watch. :slight_smile:

European stream, interesting =)

European equivalent to Peaceful Jay’s stream?
I’m game.

Kick ass

If you use Twitter you can follow us at: (gggames) on Twitter
We always update whenever we are about to go live etc.

I’ll still post on the forums, so no worries.

There “might” be another stream today, I’ll edit this post if anything happens.

Heeey… You don’t happen to be the GGG guy i played yesterday on the 360? I’m swedish as well and played against some GGGMike or similar with my T.Hawk, you(him/her) played Gouken.

Yup, my GT is Mike GGGames (As seen below my avatar)
Then I guess you are PsycheEyeDiesel or something along those lines?

Hehe. Yeah that is correct :slight_smile: I’ll add you when i get home from work if that’s ok? I think i actually won that match. Although you are clearly both better and higher ranked than me. Plus, you used Gouken, who most likely isnt your main (considering 0 BP and several K’s of PP :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, would love to play more sometime, need to play better players to get better :slight_smile:

Oh, about the “below my avatar”, im using Tapatalk on my iPhone 4. So i cant see your GT :wink:

Definitely add me, and check back for more streams.

I mostly play Guy (2nd Dudley), yesterday was “Random Select Day” for whatever reason, not something that happens often.

And yeah, great initiative with the streams :slight_smile: Thumbs up

Hope to see you more on live than psn though :wink:
I got a ps3, but my best sticks are on the 360 though (TE round 2 and a Sanwa modded wireless T6). Only have a Hori FS on the Ps3 :frowning: Something i might remedy one day though. Anyways, ill add you in a few hours.

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Stream will be up in a few minutes.
Open lobby 6~ slots (360 version)
Link will always be in the first post, but here it is again:
GGGames livestream

Was alot of fun yesterday! Cheers all who attended.

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Stream today: SSF4 (360)
Starts around 19.00 (GMT+1) (That’s roughly 11-12 for US people I believe)

You can find the link in the first post.

I’ll join your PSN tournament, if that’s okay.

It’s more than OK, soon 16 players :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff! Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

'll join your PSN tournament to

Count me for the psN tournament too:)

Btw red_vector do you play with abel,i think we have played couple off times against eachother(i play with ibuki)
PSN taekwondo_freak