Getting used to the fightpad

Hey, I’ve been using the outrageously shit 360 pad up until now (just got a fightpad), and I’m having trouble with it. Is it just me or is the left bumper very hard to press? Also, I find it hard to pull off a hadouken 100% of the time, let alone linking and shit. I am pretty good with street fighter but now I’m fighting like a elderly woman. I hope this is just muscle memory from the other pad trying to impose and fucking me up because I’ve been getting so pissed off with it I was thinking of just going back to the 360 pad. Anyone else had similar issues and then just managed to adjust or whatever? Rant over :tup:

The left trigger button is a pain in the ass to press imo too!

I just swapped the button configuration when I switched characters whose ultra combo went from KKK to PPP. So that the appropriate combination was on the right trigger.

Other than that, its just getting used to it. I loved the big dpad, until I started using sticks.

Hope that helps.

I bought my fightpad at the same time as I bought SF4 so I didn’t really need to get used to it. Since I use the PPP more than the KKK, I have the PPP as the right trigger and the KKK as the left trigger. Personally, I would have liked the trigger button to be more like a L2 button than an L1. I find it easier to use my middle finger more so than my index finger…

I also would have like d-pad to not have been as smooth. My thumb sometimes slips off the d-pad. Not completely but just enough to cause me to make a mistake.

Thanks for the tip guys, was thinking of switching the triggers too. Wonder how long it’s gonna take me to get used to this damn thing lol