Getting thrown and cornered constantly

I have been mainly playing as Ryu and have been trying Akuma. I have played a few online matches but i run into people who either corner me and i cant get out or sometime will throw and continue to throw to the point that i cant get back up to even fight them off any tips (btw, I just started to seriously play and am trying to improve any advice would be greatly appreciated)

Sorry about this.The game being played is Super Street Fighter 4 (not arcade edition)

How long have you been playing?

You have to be fairly intuitive about teching throws in this game, but crouch-tech OS is your best friend:

The beginning is an explanation as to why it works. But he gets down to business right around 2:00. And don’t worry about the rest of the stuff after the throw-tech OS. Only super experience players make good use of the rest.

That means your defense isn’t so good. Furthermore, I would say its because you lack fundamentals such as footsies or zoning.

Sometimes it makes sense to turtle, but you have to constantly be aware of the corner and where you are in relation to it.

As for throws, learn to tech. When people walk straight up to you, its probably a wake up throw, when people hit you with a jab and you block it, you should expect a tick throw, when they dash in etc. Theres a lot of different patterns people use, youll just have to learn them.

It probably wouldnt be a bad idea to learn how to crouch tech, but this has a downside, namely frametraps.

I’ve been playing seriously for only a few days but i have played all the mortal kombats and most of the street fighters back to 2 championship edition (i played casually not seriously) I have been trying to tech but do you have to press the exact button combo your opponent used(what i mean is the exact same input) to tech the throw? It may be i don’t have the timing down for techs i’m not sure

You can only tech normal (universal) throws. Throws like Zangief’s SPD or Hakan’s Oil Dive are untechable (but there are ways to avoid them). To tech a normal throw all you have to do is press light punch and light kick at the same time or just a fraction of a moment after your opponent attempts to throw you. So if you opponent is doing Jab, Jab, wait, Throw every time try pressing throw after the second jab.

forget SF2. In SF4 mashing shoryukens can beat a throw and a 720 Ultra. it is far more random than SF2.
If you are serious about SF4 you have to forget about SF2 and embrace chaos…

Just because you hate the game doesn’t mean you’re entitled to give shitty advice.

You land so often in the corner cuz you have no fucking clue what footsies are.

As Ryu you want to control the space in front of especially the space inside of your range and just outside of that.
Stop running backwards at the start of a match and throwing full screen fireballs and start walking towards your opponent (just general advice, doesn’t have to apply to every matchup), taking space away from them.
Bait them into jumping into you by throwing fireballs in their faces and using>hadouken and then anti-air that shit with cr.hp or shoryuken if you’re fast enough to do it (if not np that shit is really hard).

If you’re thrown constantly, try to pay more attention. When you’re crouching and block his attacks all the time, if he starts walking towards you, chances are he’s gonna throw you.
The aforementioned crouch tech technique can help you out here a lot.

Most importantly though, stop caring about winning so much and concentrate on using what you’ve learned in a match.
If you know your anti-air sucks ass, just keep concentrating on anti-airing in matches even if you lose the game 0-2.
Nobody fucking cares about your record anyways and if you start playing to learn and not to win, you’re less likely to fall back into stupid patterns when you’re put under pressure.

I’d advise you to watch James Chen’s First Attack (better start with season 2 it has a slower pace) and listen to that old coot.

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I agree.

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If the throws are catching you off guard, the you need to work on analyzing the situation and thinking ahead. Actually being constantly cornered is usually the same thing. I still don’t know the whole situation, but it sounds like you are playing behind your opponent. learn what beats throws and mix them up, because as a new player you are likely to figure out one anti throw tactic that you use over and over, which is almost as bad as not being able to break a throw. you need to know as many options as you can to get out of a situation as possible so that your way out doesn’t become predictable and just lead you into a new bad situation.