Getting started with charge partitions

I’m having difficulty getting this charge partitioning down. In fact, I can’t seem to do it at all. Is there a particular partition that’s easy to start with?

I tried Urien’s dash partitioned headbutts and LP, MP into headbutt with no joy :frowning:

Try a natural setup. Certain moves just naturally let you charge the right amount of time for a dash headbutt, etc.

An easy one is jump rh (it has to hit), then dash headbutt. Start charging the moment you jump.

edit: I too am working on charge partitoning. But my question is, is 3s the first (or only) 2d fighter that this is possible?

Jump HK into dash headbutt doesn’t have to hit. Just make sure you get it blocked late so that they can’t poke you out of the dash. It works better on good players though, since they expect the followup throw while lesser players will get grabbed.

make sure you’re not overcharging. So don’t sit there and charge for like 4-5 seconds. Make sure you charge down or db for about 1 second. Count it in your head or something. and then dash up, charge while dashing… and hit up+jab/strong/fierce.

Remember, you have to have the exact amount of charge to get the headbutt to come out. Good luck.

Hit/Connect/whatever. I’m not talking strategy, just a setup for the dash-headbutt. If you touch them with kick, it keeps you in the air longer giving a little extra charge. I find it makes the dash headbutt easier/quicker

You can also hide it behind moves like s.lp (Charge Down half a second), s.lp (Charge Down half a second again) and then dash and charge down during dash to headbutt. If you’re far away then yeah you could also do a s.hp and make sure you charge right away and when you dash and headbutt.

Here’s another,

whiff s.hp (charge down), whiff s.HP (charge down), then kneedrop/headbutt.

Whiff / hit c.rk into dash headbutt is an easy one to start with, or throw (not neutral) into dash headbutt by charging down just as they hit the ground.

I don’t know, i don’t really like doing more than one move to hide my partition. It just takes too much time and most people won’t leave you alone for that long. On the second c.HP if you’re not getting supered, I don’t know.

It’s a good practise to learn to hide your charge partitioning as soon as possible. If you want to practise charge partitioning, then learning the timing for the charges with the above combo is good. I really can’t give any advice about kneedropping anybody because I honestly feel like it’s a bad special and unless you learn to kneedrop the feet of your opponent so you don’t do the bounce off, you’re better off not even using it ever (unless you really like Kneedrop unblockables… but dash headbutting is the better practise in the long run).

j.RH is nice, but kinda difficult for timing. Trying to get some space is nice and doing it late enough so that it just hits them before you land is nice since it screws parry timing sometimes and gives you a better chance with the dash in headbutt.

Good practises for sure is to not start with DASH headbutts if you are unfamiliar with the concept.

Best Kind Boxer posted the best practise partition to learn partitioning with and that’s s.HP (charge down and release when the attack ends so you can stay standing for the next s.HP), s.HP (charge down again) and as soon as the move is done, do a headbutt. The timing is really easy and you don’t really have to be too tight about how fast you charge. You CAN do a dash headbutt off a single s.HP if you are fast enough with your motions to charge for it, but stick with the above combo to learn for now.

As for getting better? Replace the s.HP with s.MP and try it. It’ll only be a little harder, but realize that practically, in a match, you don’t want to partition with more than one attack. A dash is difficult to practise charging during because it’s awkward, but once you get used to always returning to a down or down-back position, it’ll be a lot easier.

Lastly probably the easiest way to learn dash charge partitioning, or at least how i went through learning it was to practise with the actual mid-screen unblockable. The timing is amazingly simple… but make sure you pick a Shoto or basically anyone other then Ibuki or Hugo to try it on. You CAN setup midscreen unblockables on them, but I find that for Ibuki the only way to hit her into the aegis is i found to just EX-Tackle her which makes her hit the aegis instead of passing through it and puts you on the other side as well so you can just push her in easily (which you can pretty much do to everybody else as well if you feel like wasting the meter). Hugo is more about timing since you can do it (I’ve only done it a couple of times), but it’s if you get “lucky” with your timing and do it so that you headbutt over his body when it’s about to hit the floor meaning you hit him through the aegis pretty high up.

Now as for the timing to partition the dash headbutt for the midscreen, simply just get used to the charging spots and realize that you WILL have on and off days of when you can pull it off until you practise it enough that it just comes out as easily as a fireball.

c.HP, LK/MK Tackle (Doesn’t matter which really) xx HP Aegis… — RH Tackle —
This is where you need to practise charging. After hitting the HP Aegis, RH Tackle should be followed up IMMEDIATELY after you can move again so you shouldn’t be moving or dancing or anything, just RH Tackle. When you do RH Tackle wait half a second and THEN press down to charge. Let your stick fall back to neutral if you want, but pause that half a second or else you’ll overcharge and never pull it off. As soon as the RH Tackle hits, keep holding down until you can move again (basically when you start noticing him start the crouch animation which you can time to not see or you can see a frame or 2 of it before dashing), dash and practise holding the stick in the down/down-back position for half a second (not just tap down, but hold it for a little bit longer than a tap) and then tap up and MP Headbutt over them. I wrote a lot, because I find that once you understand where to charge and the whole process of it, it just comes down to applying it. I have a friend that loves to play Urien and couldn’t charge partition at all because he didn’t understand how to do it. I showed him twice what my hands were doing and after about 5 minutes, he was doing it. Not consistently, but he could pull it out maybe twice in a row followed by some misses. Just don’t give up if you aren’t getting it, you have to condition your hands to do things it normally wouldn’t do.

As a last note since I don’t know whether you play on stick or pad, if you’re trying to partition on a pad, you’re better off investing in a stick. You’re going to kill yourself making the transition if you ever have to and it’s really a lot easier to do it with the stick then it is with a pad.

And escobuu, since nobody really answered your question… I do believe that you could do a walk up flash kick with Guile in HSF (SF2) so it probably possible in the older SF games as well. Not really sure about SNK games or any other 2d games just because 3S is a slower paced game in general compared to other games and the rhythm of the game allows for better use of charge partitioning. You’re generally moving pretty fast in other games and I do believe that Urien is the first character that has a charging move that starts a combo for any charge character ever made. I can’t remember any other character that has a charge move with the properties like an EX Headbutt that starts a combo so… yeah. Take it how you will, but I would say charge partition existed in one form or another before 3S, just that it wasn’t as powerful in practise as it is in 3S.

I can’t recall charge partitioning in any game other SF game than 3S. There are walking specials, but that’s because of the leeway Capcom gives for specials (and why charge buffering/etc works).

No-charge flashkick in SF2 was a glitch.

…and yeah, whiff s.HPx2 isn’t exactly useful. :lol: It’s just really easy. However, whiff MPs can be ok. Look like you’re building meter, then whip out an EX headbutt.

As for the midscreen heabutt unblockable. I just do RH tackle, then dash, and press up and punch. Never had to think about it, it just happens.

I don’t believe you can just go from crouch, to dash and just press up+p to headbutt. At least I’ve never done it, the charging became a habit for me though and learning to charge as soon as possible during a dash is something you have to get used to, because honestly… why the hell would you ever hold down as soon as you dash ever? You wouldn’t, but you need to to be able to charge partition which makes it tricky.

Playing Guile since Hyper taught me to hold down-back whenever i’m not doing something… so yeah, I dunno.

Just charge d/b when you’re not hitting buttons and the dash headbutt unblockable is easy IMO. Of course, yes, you charge during the dash too. I find the hard part is the dashes after the headbutt. But I’m retarded I guess.

learning how to do it is good but try replacing dash ups and pokes with it. so the impact for the charge replaces something else you set up.

like get a tackle once but next time switch to dash into low forward. then next time dash head butt…etc. one of the hardest things is not learning the buffering for the charges but fitting it into your normal play.

so the jump roundhouse into dash is a good set up. jump roundhouse into tackle xx aegis, jump rh into dash low forward, jump rh into dash head butt. just work those three things over and over and you’ll get a memory of how long you need to hold it yourself without showing the opponent you have a charge going. you’ll start using charges faster if you come up with some set ups involving the opponent instead of having it independent on whiffs, especially if they dont let you whiff two stand fierces in a row.

Yeah, just one thing to take note of is that j.RH into dash in isn’t something you can really abuse. It’s painful, but even low-intermediate players tend to be throw happy and learn to not lose your pacing when you get parried, because your j.RH will probably be parried a lot so a late, far j.RH is good practise to learn to position yourself for and whenever dashing in, you are the vulnerable one so don’t get discouraged if you get hit out of the dash in when you first start trying it.

The S.HP, S.HP was a winner. I pulled it off first time with that. From there I was able to apply the timing to a lot of the other setups, even some I made up.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Can anyone tell me the relative timings for charge partitioning? Is it exactly 2 seconds or is there some room?

Basically you have less than half a second room for charge partitioning. If you over charge by more than that your charge disappears or at least it does for me so you end up doing something really stupid like jumping into the air.

how do you charge partition with Remy like effectively?

i think we played tonite for a bit.
turn your mic on next time.
i have some good remy tricks.