Getting started with Cammy - advice?

So I got my feet wet, did some trials (which got easier as I practiced more, like most things!) and actually got a few wins online! Go me! Maybe this fighting game thing is not as hard as I thought…or so I thought.

I now have lots more questions regarding our favorite amnesiac secret agent.

  1. What to do in the normal game? Like, I understand that you try to poke or score a counter hit into damage, but how about straight forwards offense? I was playing against a Karin the other day and she just straight up walked up to me and started some combos - do you do that at all with Cammy?

  2. This is a general fighting game question, but in general, how tight do your inputs have to be? I typically can execute moves about 70-80% of the time…would like to be better, but missed button presses never killed anyone yet. I sometimes end up doing Cannon Spike instead of Spiral Arrow, and vice versa.

I used to be SO down about this, until I watched some match-ups of pro players and I noticed that they too drop inputs and miss opportunities now and then. Guess we’re all human after all.

Do you guys ever drop inputs in a match? How about when you get sweaty fingers from being pressured? Just wanted to know what other experiences were like.

  1. Is the timing for her wakeup Cannon Spike especially severe, or I am just doing it wrong? I used to be able to do wakeup DPs in Guilty Gear all day every day, but not here.

  2. How lenient is the flow of chaining moves into each other in SFV? Like, can you do any light into any medium, or is it much stricter? It seems to be a lot tighter than most fighting games.

Thanks in advance, and more to come!

Read this

Fighting games take a lot of practice and you will make a lot of mistakes. You’ll want to practice until move/combos, etc become second nature so you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of the game. Don’t focus purely on winning. Start with small stuff to focus on like trying to anti air or trying to land a certain combo in a match. If you are having trouble doing things practice them in training mode and then practice them in a match.

Did read the guide, but was sort of looking for more specific input as well. Will practice more!

  1. This is to hard to explain through text. Figuring out a game plan is part of playing the game. If you watch pro players on youtube it will give you an idea of what to try, but each person has their own unique playstyle they develop over time.
  2. There is a 3 frame buffer on every combo so you have some extra time to hit buttons. The general rule of thumb is to hit earlier rather than later, but only practice will teach you the right timing for moves. Keep in mind certain moves are only comboable if you get a counter hit.
  3. This also has a 3 frame buffer. You will need to practice to get the timing right. You know you hit it at the right time when “reversal” shows up on the screen.
  4. Most lights cannot chain into mediums unless its counter hit, only exception is her target combo lp, b+mp, Hk. A lot of mediums can chain into mediums or hp. The guide will tell you what combos are possible.

Thanks for the replies! Very helpful and much appreciated. Do I stick to each character’s guide for combos? SFV seems to have a lot tighter a combo system than let’s say, Guilty Gear. Most combos are links right?

There is no way for us to explain combo timings to you over a forum unless you know musical beats. The best answer I can give you is read the combos in the guide and then try to do them. If you aren’t getting the combo then you are mistiming it.

You say tighter combos, but that only refers to SF having links(mainly) and GG having the ability to cancel normals into eachother. However overall Guilty Gear is much MUCH more execution heavy, there are plenty of timing and spacing specific combos with juggles much more strict than anything SFV has and on top it requires inputting airdashes, specials in quick succession. Heck even regular jump in combos are more tough to execute in GG lol.

Actually inputting a reversal in GG is MUCH more difficult, there is no or hardly any input bufferring to help, it has to be timed tighter than any link SFV has. Same goes for reversals in SFV, much more easy to execute and time.

Asking how to play Cammy, or basically almost any character in SFV is asking how to play SF in general. The core of SF is using normal attacks in neutral to defend your horizontal space and when the opponent jump, you anti air. That is SF at the most basic level and any character can play this style. This is oversimplyfying it but it is mostly true. Play with a buddy and ONLY use 1 or 2 normal attacks, no jumping, dashing, throwing. This will help you grasp how to play the neutral game somewhat. There is a lot of nuances to playing neutral that is impossible to all write down, it comes with experience.

Point is, do not overcomplicate stuff. The moments to apply pressure come naturally after winning an exchange in the neutral game.

Chances to do combos come from applying pressure, so in short it is this:

Beginners tend to focus on the exact opposite things:

  1. You said Karin straight up walked into your ranges, what did you do about it? how do yous top opponent from walking forward…you use normal attacks to defend your horizontal space, simple as that.
    I’ll refer to my stuff i posted above^, neutral>pressure>combos. Can’t skip steps(i’ll admit Cammy has her EX Divekick which basically skip neutral and lets you go straight into pressure)

2.You say you sometimes get cannon spike instead of spiral arrow, this means you had a FORWARD input somewhere, this causes you to get a cannon spike. A cannon spike is a f,qcf input, a spiral arrow is a qcf input.
So if you would walk forward and then do something like st.hp xx qcf+k you would get the cannon spike. This is because of the buffering system in SF, it remebers inputs longer, it’s to make things more easy. try to avoid having a forward input in front of your stuff when you don’t want it.

You get sweaty fingers because you are stressed while playing, there is nothing on the line here, just play to learn, it isn’t a tournament, no money etc.

3.i’ll refer to my post above. SFV wakeup timing isn’t sever at all, it is VERY lenient, guilty gear is extremely severe in its wakeup timing(as in to get a true reversal timing)

  1. short overview of SFV mechanics regarding combos:
    [] Chains
    ] Target Combos
    [] Special Cancel
    ] Links

In SF chains refer to LIGHT attacks cancelling into eachother like say Guilty Gear would allow you to cancel normals of different strenghts into eachother. In SFV not all light attacks can chain into eachother though, so mess around in training and see what works(Cammy, cr,lp and cr.lp, cr.lp and cr.lp, and st.lp, st.lp and st.lp, cr.lp are chains)

Target Combos
Same as chains wher eyou cancel normal attacks into eachother, however these are specific button sequences that differ with each character. Cammy has her>hk as a target combo, same timing as chains.

Special Cancel
This is wher eyou cancel a normal attack into a special attack, same timing as chains, basically you just do it as fast as possible whle still trying to get clean inputs. There is no real timing involved.
Light attakcs have shorter animation and gives less hitstun, which means you have less time to input the special attack compared to when you would use a medium or heavy attack.

This is what SF is known for, links require you to press a button and have it complete its full animation before the 2nd input can come out. buttons with more hitstun and longer animations require you to wait longer.
Set the dummy to “block after first hit”, if the dummy blocks the 2nd attack it means you are too slow, if your 2nd atatck didn’t come out, you are too fast. That is how you get the timing down. Some normals cannot link after eachother.

In SFV there are VERY few natural combos wher eyou can link a medium attack after a light. Cmmy can do standing or crouching lp,>hk(her target combo)

For combos look at player replays, guides, threads etc or you cna have fun and fugure them out yourself.

Wow, another amazingly detailed reply! I knew I was right to come to Shoryuken. :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for all that good info, which will take me some time to digest. It’s gratifying to know that SFV is more lenient than GG…I’ve had a lot more luck with the latter, but of course I’m more used to it. It gives me renewed hope though - if I can do FRCs, I should be able to do reversal DPs no problem! :slight_smile:

You explained a lot of what I’ve been Googling for and reading about but never really truly got. Thanks once again. I wished that you had been here when I was first learning fighting games!