Getting Started in SSF4:AE

Alright, I’ve played a bit of SF4 at a friend’s house back when it first came out, but was generally one of those people who would only spam hadoukens and would always end up losing. As frustrating as that was, I’ve recently been wanting to play more fighting games. So I just picked this game up today, and I’m planning on actually sticking with the game. As in learning the finer mechanics, practicing execution and combos and such. What I’m looking for is someone to kind of point me in the right direction as to how I should start immersing myself in the game. Which characters are good for people generally new to the game, basics etc.

Rule 1: Find yourself some offline competition to have fun with. Don’t bother with online-only.

You don’t want to end up like me; a frustrated fool that can’t keep his head cool anymore. First time I started assuming things, that’s when it all went downhill. Yay!

This would help but I’ve known a few people who’ve gotten really good playing online only.

My advice would be find a character you like, and then find a few combos to practise. Then try and land said combos. In 600hrs of practise from now, you’ll probably be pretty good.

Read the stickies in this thread.
Execution-wise, look up VesperArcade tutorials on Youtube.

Pick a character you like, and learn fundamentals - normals, spacing.
It’s not all about combos.

Read the character-specific threads for more help.

Post back here if you’re still having trouble.

My advice would be to just play the game for a week and have fun, before starting on the ‘finer mechanics,’ and what not. Sometimes you can get caught up wanting to play a character the ‘right’ or technical way, and you never get the chance to find your own voice with the character. Take some time to experience the game on your own, then use resources to polish and deepen your understanding.