Getting rid of unsightly scratches on HRAP2 case?

So I did a really fucked up job drilling a hole on the back of my HRAP2 trying to add a Guide button. I got it done, but not without absolutely mangling the exterior with my hole saw (it slid all over the place). What’s the best thing I can do to cover these up and make it smooth again, at least? The only thing I can think of was a bit of putty, is this the best course of action?

Use some fine grit wet & dry sandpaper and sand it smooth, make sure you use water.

Once done, you can polish it up a bit using a fine metal polish.

It sounds like the scratches you have made are really deep, so I’m not sure if fine polishing will help you in this case but it’s worth a try. Otherwise, yeah putty over the scratches, sandpaper from lower grit to higher grit, then you can use this as a good excuse to give the case a nice new coat of colour with spray paint. If you’re spraying you could just use primer to fill the scratches too though (again, depends how deep the scratches are).