Getting Neo-Geo games on Mame32k 0.64 to work, help please

Mame32k virgin here >_<

I have a question, pretty much how do I get the Neogeo games on Mame32k .64 to work? I know enough that I need a Bios, but which one? I currently have universal bios 2.1.

If anyone can help me here I sincerely appriciate it thanks. I’m a good Samsho and KOF 98 player and I’m looking forward to see you guys online!

((Don’t post anything please that would get you in trouble here. Not looking for sites to download anything so don’t post them, I can find whatever resources needed myself.))

Check your PM

I managed to get a bios, the problem is, I dunno if its my soundcard or the actual bios drivers, but when I use that bios to play play mame32k and NeoRageX, it sounds like fuzzy shit.

And even then, unlike neorageX which displays all 88 or so of my neo-geo games, Mame doesn’t display them all (won’t show my Samsho 2, Magical Drop 3, but shows stuff like Metal Slug 2, 3, X, etc…).

Some crazy shit I dunno.


Whenever I try to run Kaillera, I get an error:

#Guru Meditation #C0000005 - 1000AD90

With the options of Log, Detalis, Debug, and OK under it.

If I try to run Kaillera through Mame, I get a similar crash screen, except it will display the application name on the top bar then say:

“Emulator blah blah blah based arcade games has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvinience., blah blah blah blah”

What the hell is wrong with my puter

Its a pentium 2800 with 1 gb of ram, Radeon X700, 120 GB HD and an Asus Motherboard

You have any clues whatsoever?

Some neogeo games arent detected using Audit. You must use F5 instead.

Dude. a PM is a PRIVATE message. don’t do that again.

Sorry Fatherbrain.

Anywho, I got everything workin like a charm, I’m gonna filter throught he threads and see what servers SRK’ers usually play on the most, or if anyone has any suggestions msg me, I’m CrazyMojo online.

If you haven’t already found this info elsewhere, get the kaillera .dll from Anti3d has a working server list, and this will also prevent the crash when initiating kaillera. You can also copy and past the .dll into any other kaillera-enabled emulators, as well.

Got everything working, thanks to everyone offering help here in the thread!

I got a question out of curiosity though…

I know that file helped fix the crashes, but does anyone know why it would crash in the first place? If anyone can satiate my curiosity that would be great.

See ya online as CrazyMojo

Essentially, because both the server and client are long overdue for an update…but at this point, sadly, kaillera appears to be an abandoned project. The main site has been down for months (with the exception of it coming up for about 12 hours last week), and from my understanding nobody’s heard hide nor hair from the original programmer (sorry, I don’t recall his name :sad: ). There has been some work done on the server (a couple unofficial releases), but the client has remained all but untouched (w/ the exception of anti3d’s pointing connection to their server…which really has no effect on functionality). Hey, for what it does, it’s pretty decent, tho. I mean, as newer emulators come out and more advanced games are emulated, it may prove ineffective, but for now it does the job of allowing us to play our favorite retro games with others.

Hope to see you online, CrazyMojo. :slight_smile:

Hmm… Sometimes when I try to run neogeo games, I get stuff like crc error, wrong or missing romset when I already have the rom in my rom folder. Anyone knows how to fix this problem? I can’t find the place to add games to the main list. I’m using Mame32k 0.64 btw. Thanks for your help in advance =))

You might need the updated romset, or your roms might be corrupt.
Try downloading them again.