Getting into KOF Series

Hi to all, i’ve recently discover this fighting game and it is impressive as characters, music etc(i prefer them over Street Fighter). However i’m not really getting into it. I’ve come from f. games like Tekken or Mortal Kombat.
The CPU here is too strong (for me) even on normal.
How should i proceed? (I Have kof 98,2002 and XIII)
Thanks in advance

This vid will catch you up with the basics super fast:

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Thank you, It is a great tutorial and I’ve already seen it. However i’m still having difficulties. I don’t know how to explain. Probably it’s just me

Are you having difficulties with combos, navigsting the middle of the screen?

We need a little bit more info in order to help.

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Basically with everything. Also i have problem with doing combos. I mean it’s not like Mortal Kombat where you have strings, so i don’t know how to proceed. Anyway Thanks for your patience.
(Also how i suppose to choose a character?)

Most combos in 98 n most kofs start with sp, lp, special move like Terrys combo in 98 is sp,lp half circle forward into rising tackle

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Here i am again, it is just me or this game is difficult? I mean for the IA i have some problem even when i sets to 2 (98 UM). But i had less problems on XIV

98 UM can be pretty challenging compared to more modern fighting games, yep!

I would suggest working on getting comfortable with the basics, like the four attack buttons, rolling (Light Punch + Light Kick), jump attacks, and of course blocking. : )

I’d also suggest using Advanced mode rather than the other two for now, as it’s kind of more straightforward. One nice thing about Advanced too is that even if you aren’t comfortable using a characters’ super move(s), you can still take advantage of any power stocks you build up by pressing Light Punch + Heavy Punch + Light Kick to power yourself up for a short time: your attacks will do more damage while this power up is active–at the cost of one power stock.

No need to worry too much about special moves or combos just yet. One really useful thing that works in a lot of circumstances for instance is to roll in at the opponent so you come out of your roll right next to them, then hit Heavy Punch or Heavy Kick, which when you’re right on top of them will throw them for pretty decent damage.

When you’re feeling more comfortable with the basics, experiment with the different characters to find the ones that seem to work best for you. : )

Oh and don’t worry if you have a hard time with the boss if you get to him, he’s pretty ridiculous!


So combos are a small part of the KOF series? Are they so important to know? I mean looking at XIII and 2002 it seems so.
Anyway thanks for the tips. it is really appreciated

Combos are important to know if you want to be competitive playing against other people, as far as I can tell from tournament footage.

I just play the AI. Combos would certainly be useful in certain really challenging things like '98’s Survival mode, and boss fights generally. And of course they would help in any fight–but most vs CPU battles can be won without them.

I’m not saying never learn them! But I think you have far more to gain in the beginning by concentrating on getting the basics down really well. And as you do that, you will start to pick up some simple combos just in the course of playing.

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In 2002 and 13 there’s max mode thus combos are a part of these kofs. Combos are needed to whiff punish your opponenet generally. But before you can whiff punish, you have to break the guard of your opponent.

afternoon! i’d like to know the name of this character: