Getting frustrated with mvc3 ..lil help

yesterday i was playing some casuals with my bro and i lost all 15matches at first i was ok no biggie i just figure it out how to defeat his team and nope got close like 3 times but no luck so i went to training mode and was not able to do any type of combos with wolverine and akuma and i kept dropping combos with ryu so i decided to stop call it a night then this morning i played on event mode with wolverine and i was not able to pass the 3rd event now im getting frustrated …in my eyes i have not improve at all and getting me frustrated …how did u guys get over this obstacle? am i just pushing myself to much? or im over thinking every step? lil help plz …thanx in advance

the main way i got over my “loser curse” is to first, learn the system.Learning about xfc’s,cancels,super cancels and high damage DHC’s can give you the upper hand. 2. LEARN YOUR COMBOS, if anything combos are the most difficult thing in mvc3. Make sure you are hitting with precise timing and make sure you have a back up plan in case you miss.3. if all else fails… use sentential and spam his low M…

Just stick with it man, you’ll get better :slight_smile:

Try mission mode with other characters. Wolverine may not suit your play style as much as another character.

i just need more time on training mode but maybe i will switch out wolverine for some one else and maybe a lil break wont hurt either …lol @ sentinal spam i came across that many times online wen they see me defeat 2 characters with ryu , thnx

Can we not troll advice the Newbie thread please?

@OP - does your brother really know how to play or are you both mashing buttons? If it’s the former, I’d ask for some advice after each match. If it’s the latter, you better figure out what he does and decide how you can get around it. And losing is the first step to learning and eventually winning. Winning is supposed to be initially low on the priorities and high on the ladder you have to climb to get there.

i think he ment that as a joke

he doesnt smash buttons i actually got him into watching vids on combos and told him to get into training he wasnt a big fan of these types of games till i got him into it …maybe it wasnt my day yesterday wen we have played before we go even on wins n losses but still have trouble with his cross ups with his sentinal n wesker …bad i dont have a cam to record the matches maybe i can figure something out and use my cell as the cam and post it up

How much fighting game experience do you have OP? Is MvC3 your first serious fighter? Absolutely no offense meant here, but your problem sounds like you’re lacking on the basics since you can’t make it past the 3rd mission with Wolverine. No shame in it at all if that’s the case, everyone starts somewhere, so just stick with it!

Also, if you’re used to playing SF, know that the versus series has a different feel, so that could be part of your problem. Either way, you’ll find your groove sooner or later. Good luck!

You are doing fine as it is. Just keep playing consistently and you will get better over time. No offense, but I think people are using NSD just to have other people reassure their progress instead of working on their own game. I mean come on man, all three of your predicaments are solved by practicing (not to mention they take place in a time span of two days, which isn’t that significant). I’m not saying you don’t have the mindset to do good on your own, but we don’t need to hold your hand the whole time you are practicing. Even if it gets boring when you sit in training mode all by yourself, that is normal, and it will help you more anyway. Anyway hope you do get better. :slight_smile:

i been into fighting games since way back like 12yrs maybe more ago but i stop playing games for good amount of time till ps3 came around with cod modern warfare then found out about sf4 got back into it just as a fan base 2 months ago decided to get myself into tourney scene or game session casuals with other people ive always been fairly good in fighting games but didnt take as serious as i am now …pretty much wat my main point inndh this am i the only one that his problem or others go tru this as well ? and how i do change from being a fan friendly player to a serious tourney player

Play non stop imo…

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If you have some patience, I would definitely recommend watching this Cross Counter TV Marvel Guide featuring Viscant if you have not already:

It’s 1 hour and 27 minutes, but it’s incredibly informative, and gives you a different outlook on how to play the game more effectively.

My money’s on that you’re underthinking every step.

Marvel is a very different beast from any other fighting game. The guy who guessed that you didn’t have a strong grasp of the basics was probably right. The basics in this game are hard - but having the basics makes the difference between going 50/50 with a masher and dominating him 95-5.

You can claim to take this game as seriously as you want (as many others before you have) but without the basics, you’re going to keep losing to people who don’t take this game seriously.

Here’s a clip from David Sirloin, and probably the only useful thing he’s written if you’re a marvel player: I’d suggest giving it a read.

(tip: “the fire” are your assist buttons)

thanx for the vid just finish watching it and gave me a whole new prospective on how to play as in blocking properly looking for openings …i have the same problem with wesker and assist aslong im in the corner i find it hard getting out of it

ill give it a read probably later tonight or tomorrow thanks for it … yes its different from ssf4 cuz now i gotta think of 3 characters then just one i am missing basic knowledge of this game

thanx a lot guys this actually helps me out and gets me back on the saddle. there is a light at the end of the tunnel

There is a wealth of great advice in here my friend. We are always happy to help, marvel is a crazily skillful game though. Take your time, learn 'dem combos and have a good time. I have a smile on my face even when losing because its fun.

one big reason i like coming to this site always friendly and always give a helping hand to others

i got another questions i play on the ps3 Dpad well i was wondering will i improve if i would use the analog? i tried using them but i just do random movements i can only use them wen i play mw2 or doesnt make it a difference i can go either way ?

The general wisdom is analogs totally suck for fighting games, though you get a few people who swear by them.

Use what you’re most comfortable with, not what others tell you is ‘better’. The best advice anyone can give you on finding out what you like best is to use all of the different types (dpad, analog, fightpad, fightstick, etc.) and choose what feels right for you. Obviously, don’t sink money into all of these things just to try them out, find people that you know that use them and try them out to see what fits you best.

ok thanks i will try the stick wen i head to modesto for a game casuals ill see how it goes with that …i was gonna buy a te stick couple months ago but decided not too for other reason … kinda glad i didnt go tru with it now that i seen people using pads and do well with them

how do i deal with the hulks hammer fist? wen i use wolverine im able to get behind him but not all the time …but i got akuma or ryu out ther i have very hard time with it… wen hulk jumps i jump and do hurricane kicks with akuma but doesnt always seem to work …any advice on this?

Block and punish ± avoid? You can’t go head-to-head with Hulk and Sentinel armoured attacks and expect to win.