Getting crazy and having fun with juggles and mix ups (it's long)

You might have realised this thread is posted in another thread, i’m just very anxious for feedback. NO harm intended.

My main goal for this thread is to inspire other bored dudley players. Feel free to post up funky juggles (even if they are useless, i’d like to hear them) Please post character specifics if you know any for corner poke strings, mix up, juggles or anything else that is useful, pointless, funny, or interesting.

I’ve been getting rather bored with dudley’s standard juggles, and i came up with some new stuff that i thought to share.

Mid screen:
(after a cr. rh)
*i tried these off the ex machine launch and they are a wee bit harder to execute and aren’t worth the damage. But against a scrubb, i’d say eat your heart out.

I tried cr. rh, j. fp (reset) rh duck dash x to super.
it does more damage then the f. mk x to jet (unless the jet upper chain hits deep and you super cancel) and very similar stun.
also more damage and stun then mk. duck dash mk upper x super

And then my new personal fav:

cr. rh, jab machine, f. mk, rh ducking dash x fp. cork.
(flashy mcflashington and were talking 50’s damage range against training mode ken with the reset mix up option)

The reset gives you a mix up option aswell. You don’t have to go for the ducking x super, you can go for the duck then do cr. s 2x super if they get in the habit of parrying the duck x super. Or throw which will nail them to the corner. Either way, it seems almost like you get a free wake up mix up advantage. I doubt most opponents will be used to this situation, and if they are, you can take advantage of it.

I understand that if you stick to standard juggles you get the wake up anyways. But i’m looking at this the way you would look at akuma’s st. fp reset demon flip set ups.

It really does force your opponent into a different wake up situation. (which is my purpose for these wacky mix ups) If you haven’t already done so, please try these out. I think at the very least you will have fun with them.

Thoughts on this guys?

Corner juggle mix up:

Well i started practicing the ex upper to fp upper after a launch, and i love the idea of doing a double upper to faggot kens. It’s a little harder then the rest of the shoto juggles imo. But it’s a great way to say fuck you to kens, does good damage, and if you jab machine before the ex jet, you can build a lil more meter and do 4 extra damage.

(when you fuck up the jab machine, and yes it DOES happen to you)
I noticed if a jab machine gets multiple hits after a corner launch, that you can st. mp reset them before they land.

This gives you a little more damage, and i’m thinking about a way to do: st. mp x duck dash (fill in the blank) for a chance for crazier mix ups when you tag them with that st. mp.

Corner poke strings:

I figured out how to cr. s to f. rh very quickly, for a super link mix up. HAven’t tried it out yet, but it seems like it would be effective.

(best when against non shotos)
Assuming everything gets blocked, heres my new idea for the poke string. cr. s, f. rh, f. mk, st. rh x duck dash for duck dash mix ups.

(when against shotos)
to get to the duck dash mix up earlier, leave out the f. rh and go right to the after the cr. s, it’s faster and safer then f. rh too because you know a good ken is waiting to shoryuken you or whatever, you want the string to be air tight.

(personal thought on wake up f. rh vs. shotos)

I never want to let shotos out of the corner, and i can’t find a shoto proof poke follow up for a blocked f.rh. (even after the mk chain) In other words, i don’t want to let them up for air by risking a blocked f. rh. After watching fujiwara, i decided to only f. rh after a rose corner set up which does a wopping 60 damage with the super link on ken! (among other rose options of course)

Basically, i find that the duck dash is a very effective mix up option against any character, and even against very good players when done unexpectedly. It’s quick like a shoto dash, you can attack, super, and cancel attack to super. It sets up for 50/50’s and I feel that it is a very underated aspect of a finely tuned dudley mix up.

I would like to hear any suggestions or thoughts on these little anitidotes for dudley juggling/mix up/poking boredom. Brutal honesty is what i expect.

If this seems confusing, or you just can’t picture the radical nonsense; I plan on posting some vids in the near future :slight_smile:

You have alot of useful stuff in your post! Alot of it I already know, like the attack strings and what not. But I will Definately be adding this to my game…

I have some cool SA 1 corner juggles to post , but before that I need some sleep. :slight_smile: