Getting Copies of HDR in 10 Years

I realized this may not be a problem now, BUT, since this is DLC, there is no guarantee this will be available on XBL/PSN in the next 10 years. This poses a unique challenge in passing down HDR to new generations. I mean yea you may have it on your hard drive now, but once it’s off the marketplace, what are people going to do, buy somebody else’s hard drive?

As with ST, the only way to play SF in a few years will be GGPO. I “imagine” Capcom will close the servers for HDR once the new generation of consoles come out. Speaking of GGPO, I need to get on it finally - Alpha 3 is waiting for me!

Don’t worry, Capcom will be whoring out the ability to rehash their back catalog for the next 50 years or so. I bet we will have “complete sets” (all SF2 games, SF3, Alpha series, etc) offered in the near future with standard fare added on (net play, training mode, etc).

There are no servers for Capcom to close down, the only thing you would have to worry about would be Microsoft making 360 games no longer playable online after the Xbox720 (or whatever) comes out, like they did to Xbox1 games online (no more SF:AE). You would still be able to play it on PS3 as long as you had your PS3 (I think PS2 games are all still playable online, since it’s all P2P, someone correct me if I’m wrong).

99% of PS2 games that offered online play were hosted by the company that made/produced the game, which means they got shut down like 3 years after the game came out.

Good example: Metal Gear Solid 3 Servers Shutting Down - PlayStation 2 News at IGN

not really worried about it…

there will probably new port$ of old SF games on the marketplace when the next generation of consoles come out and who knows, maybe netcode or console input lag will have improved by then.

if microsoft was smart its likely that we will be looking at the same marketplace just from a new console and dashboard. anyone here know that as fact tho?

i’d be more worried about something happening similiar to what happened with UMK3, where it was speculated that it was removed from XBLA either because midway is owned by WB now or due to the supposed development/release of a “mortal kombat collection” with all the classic MK’s in it.

hmmm ST is on GGPO and Supercade… that’s enough for me.

UMK3 has been off XBL for over a year now. When Midway went bankrupt, they pulled all of their catalog off of XBL and PSN (can’t find MK2 on PSN!!). The rumored HD collection release headlined well after UMK3 and MK2 went offline.

There probably will be ports of old SF games on nextgen systems… it’s a matter of which ones. Another potential problem: If HDR could released on a next gen console, wouldn’t they have to pay Backbone Entertainment royalties? Given that, wouldn’t it be cheaper to just release vanilla ST instead? Casual fans probably couldn’t tell the difference.

The idea of XBL games not being playable online is terrible. I used to play SF:AE on XBL. It’d take half an hour sometimes to just find somebody, but it’d be worth it. Now I’m going to have to go through that again with HDR…

is it possible to get hd remix onto ggpo

i think you missed my point. as long as there is future releases of old SF games than i am not worried about it. even CE and A1 are fun to play for me. personally, i like to look at the big picture rather than nitpick about changes between every version that came out.

fair enough, i just remembered people speculating that was one of the reasons why it was removed. hey, is it still possible to do that thing PSN players do where they can copy DLC games for free? that really sucks you cant get MK2 anymore that was the best one in the series in my opinion.

It can happen…

Kotaku, the Gamer?s Guide

GGPO and Supercade are ghost towns. It’s always the same handful of people playing the same handful of games. If Capcom doesn’t port SF2 to the next gen systems in some form, SF2 is going to sink further underground than it was even in the late '90s. I doubt that will happen, though.

I have seen a few new players on GGPO, and a few more at Supercade, where there are few players with good pings in relation to me that have experience. You might say more experienced players often go inactive, but it is not that no new players show up.

The thing to be concerned about though is whether there is demand for SF2. Yea, there are niche groups like this that keep SF2 alive, but as life progresses, and the technology becomes more antiquated, it’s rather likely that you will have more people leaving than coming in to take their place, and so demand decreases and Capcom doesn’t see any reason to take the risk on it. That’s basically the reason why I am emphasizing concern about this now … while there is still some support for the game. The fact that EVO dropped SF2 from the main event only exacerbates this very likely scenario even more. Think about what that says to a company, that the biggest major in North America doesn’t deem you worthy of support anymore. From a business standpoint, why would you bother taking a risk on it?

What is your expectation for sf2?

There are three peak periods for ST on ggpo. Japan/Euro/US night time. It’s averaging 40~60 players during those period.

I don’t have XBL anymore. How many players are there playing during peak hours each day for the next generation console? (or PSN?)

Capcom did. It’s called Street Fighter IV. They even ported AE too.

I’m pretty sure SFIV isn’t SF2. In fact, I’m almost certain ‘IV’ is like Italian for ‘4’ .

Well, it doesn’t help that there are some very vocal top players who refuse to play HDR at all. If their beef with HDR was truly gameplay-related, they’d be playing in classic mode. Instead, it’s some weird nostalgia/ego thing, which would be fine if they didn’t insist on trashing HDR and the people who play it. Whether they had an influence on Evo’s decision to drop HDR is up for debate. Fracturing an already small community certainly didn’t help.

Your concerns about HDR are valid, but I wouldn’t be too worried about the future of SF2. It’s like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. There will always be a port available in some form, if only for the nostalgia value. The future of SF2 will probably look a lot like 3S Online, i.e. a straight port of some version of SF2 with (hopefully) robust online multiplayer support. That’s the game to watch if you want to see how Capcom will handle old fighting game ports.

It is, and it’s pronounced “mama mia”. Roughly translated it means “not” “two”.

Given the amount of information and the ability to link information in the cloud about our purchasing information that both Sony and Microsoft have now, is it really so hard to believe that when the PS4 or XBOX 720 or whatever comes out that they’ll keep their library and XBL services backwards compatible and that you’ll be able to redownload items you’ve already purchased from whatever the store looks like when these consoles are released? Frankly that sounds like a money making tool to me.

“We know you guys bought all this great DL content for your 360/PS3 and we’re glad you did. We’re not leaving you or those great products in the dust. For a small fee, you can automatically have all over your purchased licenses associated with your gamertag transfered to your new console.” Sign sealed delivered right?