Getting blown up by focus attacks

Everytime I get going on offense a random focus attack is thrown in and I get blown up by it. Does cody have anything that blows up a focus better than mk rk?

you’ll find that zonk is a rather decent tool to handle focus friendly folks. you can even do something like c.hp xx zonk for more damage.

It’s not even anything I see coming to react with a zonk. It’s me applying pressure then a random focus happens. I feel that the only way to be safe from it is to stop after every swing and block but then I can’t keep pressure in the first place. Why the hell doesn’t cody have any real block strings?

they shouldn’t be able to interupt your block pressure with that. you’ve enough time to hit them another time or simply block, since all they can do is level 1 at maximum.

I don’t know I feel like giving up at this point. I keep losing and I have no clue why when I win it’s because the guy was just terrible. I don’t have any way of getting feedback about what I’m doing wrong (everyone posts and no one reponds in the rate my cody thread) . I just feel stuck and its infuriating not knowing what to improve.

street fighter is a hard to master game. you’ll learn anything in time, but it takes a while. maybe I’ll take a glance at your videos.

Give up? When I first started playing I lost 100% of my games. I thought of giving up but I realized everyone started out like me. Just gotta practice and get the feel for the game. I’m not a pro at the game but I improved dramatically and kinda hang with the big boys now.

It’s just I’ve been at this skill level for months and I feel like I should have learned something by now. I have 3.1k BP with Cody yet I can’t hit 1k PP

Don’t worry bout ranked matches. Play endless. I’ll look at your videos.

What’s wrong with Ranked? Whenever I do Endless I get smeared by someone with 3kPP then they leave and shit talk in an XBL message. Hurts the soul man.

player matches are indeed a better expeirence to learn the game. in particular when you want to get some intense training. find ppl, befriend with them play them regulary etc. with head set it’s fun and you can point out each others faults. it just makes more sense to get a starting bassis before going all out and playing through every skill level at random.

With ranked, you only play them once. Endless helps me develop the skills to read the player. You learn things about the match up better cause you’ll probably play against a certain character multiple times. And there’s nothing to lose in endless. Just gain. I watched your video. Gotta work on some things. Gotta work on anti-airing, know ranges of your normals and when best to use it, improve on your BnBs and you gotta learn how to hit confirm them. It takes some time but it starts to come natural.

You guys saved me from the brink of Cody suicide. I got a clear head and I do seem to better in Endless now that I’m playing the same guy. He’s ranked far above me but i’m learning. In ranked I didn’t feel like I was learning because like you said I only play them once.

Another very important thing with Cody is that you REALLY need to be smart at blocking and teching throws. Defense is hard in this game and Cody has no reliable reversal.

That’s huge with me. I can block rapid mixups really well(got that from Marvel) but I don’t know how to get out as Cody. I just get locked down until they eventually get me open. I can’t figure out how to get a counter hit on defense but I can fish for them all day on offense. Defense seems to be a my weakest point and playing Cody really brings that out I assume.

Don’t fish for counter hits on defense. You’ll just end up eating a combo. Just block and tech until you figure out a pattern or they do something punishable. There’s always a hole in someone’s offense. Nothing’s airtight in this game.

hk ruffian is faster startup than mk ruffian, works ok on reaction.

I often just store a Zonk w/ either lp or hp, opponent dependent, at the beginning of the match then play using mp and lk. This way if i see any type of focus i just reaction release.

I use Crack Kick(F.Roundhouse) which makes the release there focus attack sometimes its safe but sometimes its not lol.