getting better...

I seem to be at a point with my skill where I cant get any better and I understand that this isnt gonna happen over night but i would like some advice on a few things like breaking bad jumping habits and linking combos i seem to have trouble with both of these so if anyone could offer some advice it would be much appreciated

There are always going to be plateaus, no matter how good you are. Practice. Play more. If you have a main, read their forum here on SRK. Watch some high-level videos of your character, see if there’s something you can add to (or remove from!) your game. That’s honestly all you can do.

To touch on your specific points … if you jump too much, you have to make a conscious effort not to jump. Just play matches where you decide “I’m not going to jump.” Obviously it’s OK to jump sometimes, but you have to break the bad habit before you can form a new one.

Landing links is just training mode. Practice it over and over and over until the whole link is just muscle memory.

There are about 6 simultaneous threads exactly like yours in this very forum going on right now. Read those. I have commented in all of them.

Getting better is extremly subjective and has to do with you goals as a player and which character you use. I’m willing to do some matches on XBL where we can discuss things over voice chat if you really want some basic guidance but, you need to be more specific with your questions.

Learning to link takes practicing links. Learning to stop jumping takes the willpower to… stop jumping.

Ok guys thanks and skelter when ever you wanna play just friend me and let me know when

The linking combos can only be done with practice… As boring as it sounds go to training mode and the same combo over and over until you notice you rarely ever miss it…

del1rium’s advice about not jumping is exactly what I would have suggested myself… Play a match and dont jump at all or limit yourself to only 3-4 jumps and stick to it…

If you want to avoid being embarrased online you can do this with the CPU on the hardest difficulty…

ya i plan on working on that as much as i can today thanks

you add me

Another piece of advice for when you plateau is that when you do plateau, you should find another character to mess around with. Learning the game from a different perspective can really change your POV of the game. You don’t have to main or sub that character, because sooner or later, you’re gonna want to go back to your main and you will have a changed POV on how to fight and strategies. Hopefully that will decrease the time of your plateaus. good luck! :woot:

I used to have a big problem with jumping. Sometimes still do.

I know not everyone would have the luxury of doing this…

But I took an old stick I had and removied the “up” contact from inside it. So basically I broke my stick so I couldn’t jump even if I wanted to. I learned reallllly fast that way.

Kinda like shock therapy. When I tried to jump I would stand there. Then eat big combo.

It worked.

that’s serious…

It’s harsh treatment to oneself, but it’s very effective indeed :slight_smile:

Wait, that means charge characters can’t do their down-up specials.

just keep practicing your links & try to ween yourself from the bad habit of jumping.

I like the idea of switching characters I don’t like the idea of breaking my stick though I was working on it a lot yesterday I was playing for a good 6 hours so I am practicing as much as I can I pretty much quit every other game the main thing I wanna do is beat a guy that a work with. But if I could I would like to start goin to tornaments and seeing my skill in one of those