Getting an Arcade Stick through Airport Security

This year I will be flying out to some of the major events like EVO and Devestation for the first time, and I was wondering if anyone has had any trouble getting an arcade stick through TSA/Airport security. I imagine to the uninitiated an arcade stick looks like some sort of bomb with all the wires and gutted electronics. Any tips? Should I bring it as carry on or pack it into my luggage?

just pack it in your luggage…wrap it with alot of clothes soit has cushion

My HRAP3 was in my backpack and it passed through Heathrow airport as carry-on baggage. I’m Arab btw.

I am bringing Atryu-made sticks pretty often when traveling back home (Europe) from Japan.

They have ALWAYS checked my hand-luggage to check what it was, but they have ALWAYS let me through after realising that it was just a game controller.

I used the following companies:

  • Alitalia
  • JAL
  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • Catay Pacific

tips of the day:

  1. If you want to travel with your beloved custom-made arcade stick, you CAN take it with you in the cabin.

  2. If you want to blow an airplane up, you can hide a bomb in a custom arcade controller.

Hmmm… to the government/CIA guys who are probably checking SRK: It’s a joke right…

no need to take my IP, and enforce my house residentevil-style.
Nobody here is blowing up airplanes!

haha i lold

i was goin through IAD in washington dc, and i pulled out a HRAP2 and put it through the scanner thing…they jus kinda looked at it and was like “What is that?” and i just told them it was a video game arcade stick and they didnt think anything of it…this was december 08

I just went from San Jose, CA (bay area) to L.A. twice over the past few weeks, and I had no issues bringing a stick. You only need to remove a console or your laptop for individual scanning – they don’t care much for your arcade stick.

I brought the stick with me as a carry-on in a small luggage with clothes as a barrier so the stick wouldn’t break.

I flew from Raleigh, NC to Beijing, China (with a connector in DC) with my stick in a suitcase. I had no issues.

Thanks everyone for all the input. I feel more at ease getting it through TSA.

I just got an awesome idea about how to smuggle a bomb onto a plane.


I hope you joking


Either way your stick is getting checked through xray and all that jazz. It’s your preference whether you want to take it carry-on or not.

I’ve had my HRAP checked in airport security every. single. time. Usually wastes a few minutes of my time while they look at the screen and ask what it is. Then, I take it out and demonstrate that it’s a video game controller.

No problems getting through, but expect it to be checked.