Getting a Sega Astro City Cabinet Fairly new...need to know

As the title says, I am getting a new cab and I want to change the joystick/buttons out of the control panel and get new joysticks and buttons.

Im already interested on getting sanwa buttons/joysticks but I do not know which ones in particular.

I know enough about joystick modding from the SFAC tutorial that Arcadestickmonk did, but thats not saying much.

I pretty much just need gamers opinion or if they have Sega Astro City cabs, what buttons and joysticks they put in there.

Any help would be appreciated THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Where’d you get it from/how much? Just curious, good luck in getting a nice setup. :tup:

Dude rodel… I can help you with this, it’s easy…

It depends on what you like as Seimitsu and Sanwa feel different.

Personally I would go with Seimitsu sticks and sanwa buttons… if you feel it’s a lil too tight, go with sanwa sticks.

if your gonna change the buttons for the cabinet, try to get Sanwa OBSN-30RG buttons or Seimitsu PS-14-GXN which are both screw-in. The reason I say this is bc they last much longer and more reliable on an arcade cabinet. I guess its all depend on preference but it also depend whos playing with it(kids, friends, parent). I got a cousin who mash the hell out buttons and when hes mashing the whole arcade itself moves back and fourth. For the people I know, ill rather go for most reliable soultion which are the high-end RG buttons. For joystick, it depends on what you play. i prefer the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT for fighting game and seimitsu for shump games. Since you know about SFAC arcade stick, try out the Sanwa JLW-UM-8 which are like Happs joystick but are much better made imo. Good luck and make sure you post pic of it. :wink:

Yes, as OngBak said you will want to go with screw-ins.

I have a SEGA Megalo 410 and am currently in the process of rebuilding and rewiring it, so if you need any help shoot me a PM.

I went with the 30RG Sanwa buttons as well as Sanwa sticks. I got the octagonal restrictor to replace the square one so that circular movements are easier to execute. For the 1P and 2P start buttons I went with HAPP buttons since it’s fun to have the 1P and 2P start buttons instead of generic buttons.

Does it come with a game? I recommend looking for a TIME MASTER PS2 which is a JAMMA board which connects to your PS2 and allows you to play your PS2 on the cabinet, its a good starting point.

Also be sure to check out , they have wiring charts and a lot of other useful supplies and information.

Rodel, forgot to mention the other night that I got sanwa buttons in my cab now. If you wanna come by, play a few games and see how they feel, let me know. We could probably arrange something this weekend, if you want. Hit me up by PM or cel.

They are snap-ins, as the thickness of my control panel would not allow for screw-ins…but man, what an improvement even over Happ comp buttons.

In my New Astro City I have Seimitsu LS-32 sticks and Sanwa OBSF-30RG (snap-in). Perfect for me as I love the slighty tighter feeling and shorter throw of Seimitsu. The buttons are sex also :smiley:

i use to have a sega city arcade in my area long ago but it moved so i don’t know where to go to find any other arcade machines do you know any place in the state of MD

Which are now discontinued I believe…