Get Your Drink On: Happy New Year 2010-2011

645pm, beers is cracked, waiting for bitches to get here then hitting the town up like it owes me money.

I hope you all have awesome New Years shit to do guys and gals. If I see any of you on XBL or PSN at midnight I will shed a tear for you

See you on XBL kof 2002 um at midnight homie. OR maybe i’ll see you on ps home playground stage @ 12. Happy new years. Beers is cracked!

I always find it humerus that people still feel inclined to share what they are doing on New Year’s Eve, as if anyone really cares. Most of the responses in here will either be of the fake or bragging varieties. It’s also incredibly ironic that one would come onto a gaming forum (where people obviously like to play games) and speak of how such characters are so deserving of pity that you would shed a tear for them. Wouldn’t you consider an “awesome” New Years to be one in which a man (or woman) can do what he or she likes?

With all that said, if this is the Happy New Years thread, I would like to wish all those on SRK, a Happy New Years. And I hope you have fun doing whatever you want tonight. Yes 2010 is gone, but I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store.

I’ll be on PSN at midnight. Pour out some for me dawg. Roll one up homie.

I find your post humorous. Notice how I spelled that right?

Anyways, I’ll be spending NYE at Stone Brewing Company. 14 complimentary taps = I might die. Should be fun.

meh, this thread will be dead in no time, like the Christmas thread, and about a BILLION other threads on the internet

grow a pair, and get crunk’d

Thank you for pointing that out. Sometimes, as I type, I inadvertently click the wrong spell correction in finishing my post (humerus is an anatomical bone, lol). My spelling leaves much to be desired as I have always had trouble.

Still, I find it funny that we think others really care so much about our New Years Eve endeavors. Anyone who tells you they do is either a) lying or b) waiting for the opportunity to share their own exploits in order to appear socially superior. As a matter of fact, the only people that would care would probably be your inner circle of friends/family, because they are genuinely interested in you as a person.

Edit: But, I suppose you could say the same thing for my post. Does anyone really care? Probably not. But at least I realize and acknowledge it. I just find it pretentious that someone would come onto a gaming website and then belittle a group of people who are doing what they enjoy for the night.

Having sex w/ my asian wife around 11:30pm, im going to try to time it so that i bust my load at midnight!

Cool, i’ll be thinking about you guys while i bust mine. Hopefully at the exact same time as yours.

I’m supposed to be hosting a new years party at my house and the power went out. I sure hope it comes back.

2010 certainly had its ups and downs.

Here’s hoping for a better 2011.

Incidentally, I’m kicking off the new year by staying in due to a god damn cold.

Have a happy, and most importantly SAFE, New Years!

Seriously. Don’t be stupid, SRK. Have fun but be safe.

Drinking’s overrated

A shot of Blue label always does the trick.

happy new years all

no drinking tonight, but maybe hopefully something down the line.

The fuck you so happy for? We only got one year left…

Nah jk…

EDIT: My throat hurts like hell on the day of new year… fml…

Well way to start it off:(

Happy New Year, SRK members!

*** 2 0 1 1 ***

:party: :woot: :party:

Happy new year guys, it’s almost 11 AM as I type this, so New Year’s eve was half a day ago for me, but I hope you enjoy your evening =)

Happy new year SRK.

Happy New Year SRK. I hope you are spending it with:significant others/family/friends! XD