Get Your Ass to Ohio! Season's Beatings III: October 18-19th

Preppy suggested it, and I’ve been wanting to make this thread for a while. Who’s planning on attending SB3?

I’m hella hyped for this tourney after calling evo on being boring for marvel months ahead of time, then getting depressed when watching my prediction come true. All the good EC players that didn’t bother with Evo will be there, and I sure as hell want to be there for the hype. Anyone else looking at tickets yet?

deezo, this thread is for you

I won’t be going. Too far, too expensive.

you should all just come to portland instead for fall showdown. Unless you got the cheddar to make both.

thats why im waitin for NEC for out of state tournies

Nothing personal, but if there’s enough cheddar for only one, then SB3 is a choice by far more worth it.

Portland all the way.

Just cause you said that, I’m gonna make an attempt to make it there. I’ll get scraped in Marvel though =/. I’m superweak right now.

Dang Jamie, Haterade taste good? :sad: PLus you’re doggin evo? :looney: Evo was tight! Sick MM’s all around.:rock:

Now thats what I’m talkin about! ! !

although SB3 does sound hella fun.

Right, because a tank of gas is somehow equivalent to buying a plane ticket and booking a hotel room.

I would like to go, even better if Dan comes along. He will need some pre-evo top 8 practice.

what games do they have there besides marvel

More marvel.

They should have ST there.

will Marvel players show up for Random Select?


then should it be in the Random Select lineup?

Yup. Marvel definitely needs to stay in. I’ll even run it if no one else wants to.

I just wanna see a solid turnout for Marvel at Random Select. I also want to see Seattle Marvel represent, i want to cheer them on.

free money for portland marvel?

obviously im joking… so don’t get all heated.

you never know :stuck_out_tongue: