Get Tatsunoko vs Capcom UAS for $11 over at the Capcom Store

If you plan on buying a Wii U or know of someone that enjoys playing your copy of TvC UAS head on over to “The Capcom Store” at

Where you can get a new copy for $11.50

Also if you know of someone who is going to buy a Wii U they can finally play TvC UAS since it will be backwards compatable with the Wii.

Since this is here I will also put this up here.

TvC sticks on sale “in store” of Gamestop. You can not order these offline but if you have a store near you… it could work out in your favor… I Have 2 in less than 2 miles of my house… So you never know how close one, or five of them might be.

Type “Wii Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Fightstick” in the search box, click on check availability and then click the new box that shows up… You then enter your zip-code or enter a zip-code near you, or your grandmothers. Just find one and go get it for less than $20… LOL