Get rekt or a similar disapproval button

We need this back ASAP for when someone says some dumb shit but its not dumb enough to warrant a post.

It’s working for me and everybody else who wasn’t abusing it. It’s not a necessary part of your SRK experience: use your words instead of just mashing buttons.

still missing eek and mad

I don’t want to have too many buttons because it gets to be overwhelming/counterproductive.

Damn, I see how it is. How was it even abused?
A warning or something would have been nice.

Sure: it’s been posted about multiple times. Nobody has time to babysit you and you do not need it, so this seems like an effective way of solving the problem without wasting time for anybody. :tup:

Posted about when? Where? Not once have I seen you say anything about it.
Could you at least explain how it was abused? Quit dodging like your name is steve.

@“Zane Hitsurugi” I’ll post what I can recall

Essentially the WTF button was supposed to be a troll mark button and people abused it just to downvote things they could have easily just disagreed with. The WTF marker sent a notification to mods and the mods usually came to find a post that wasn’t very harmful at all. Thus counter productive.

Im talking about the get rekt button, jin.
Come on now.

Yeah: DJ’s “notifying” comment is referring to the Flag :: Spam button that I had to turn off because people couldn’t use it properly. Annoying.

Wiz and I have both posted “stop abusing the flags or you will eat a ten day ban” before. I am too busy to go find that for you. If it matters to you, go find it: it’s not hard.

WTF wasn’t needed. Get Rekt is also not needed. Negative buttons generally are not a positive thing, especially when people are solely using them to “communicate” / be involved as opposed to actually posting up their concerns or comments. Your actions have fallen into that bucket for me. You’ve lost that privilege, you’re aware, and now we can all cheerily move on. If you actually are frustrated with a post, use your words like a big boy. Peace.