Get mame running constant 60fps?

I’m on a amd athlon 6400 2.4 ghz with a geforce 6800 and a gig of ram but mame doesnt seem to run at a constant 60fps even offline for games like ST. Is this normal or are there some settings I can switch up to get things running at 100% full speed?

I just tried it on local server. .61 seems to flick between 59/60/61 fps. Averages at 60 I guess. Same with 0.67. Don’t have 0.64 on this machine and I don’t think it should be that different. I am on an 1.0ghz machine with 384 mb ram running windows xp optimised edition(hacked from xp pro prof sp1).

Yeah I get pretty much the same as you with 61 and 64. I guess that’s just how it is.

I think it comes from the the way they limit frames. They probably use timers that ticks every 16 or 17 ms. Probably something more complicated than that. Don’t worry about 1-2 frames dude. Your standard movies run at 25 fps and you feel like its the best there is.

Just a byproduct of auto frame skipping.
If you want a perfectly smooth gameplay experience, you can try setting the frameskip to 0, but if you’re playing online, leave it on auto.