George Brown College SF4

Ok so I just recently posted some information on a tournament that’s supposed to be happening next week ( Thursday Nov 19th). I actually JUST noticed this on the bulliten boards as I walked in this morning.

Anyway, I created this thread to inform anyone who attends george brown ( both campuses, but more specificially St James) and is willing to attend. I personally am not running this tournament but I’d like to see who comes out.

Perhaps if we push the school, we can have more game nights and get some SF4 going lol.:rock:

can u make this after 4 cuz i have class

I’m not the one making the tournament, I just show a board posting this morning as I walked to class.

I may not be able to attend either since I have class during that time, but I thought I would notify anyone who attends the school who’s interested.

what console is it being played on and what time does it start and room # aswell

where did you see this bulletin? I’m willing to check out a school sf4 thing

You know, that’s a good question. I’m not too sure what system the game is being played on, I’ll have to look into that even further. Another issue is that the time is too early for most students so that will have to be changed somehow.

In regards to the bulletin, I’ve seen it on the 3rd and 5th floor in the st james campus. I don’t know much about the other floors since I didn’t check them all

depending on how long the tourny will run, i can go during my break, haha.

I’ll look into it this week and provide more details.

bryson, are you heading out to pmall this friday?

Dave’s looking in the hospitality building

I think it’ll be on the 360 cause they were using those setups when they were doing some other game tournament at my campus

I could be wrong though

That would suck though considering I own a PS3 stick lol… Epic fail on George Brown.

I also have classes until 3 that day so now I’m not even sure.

Is this exclusive to George Brown students? I can come down since the campus isn’t to far off from union station but if you have to show student ID or something then I’m fucked.

I’ll look into that and see, because on the banner I didn’t see anything about showing ID. However, it could be the case. I’ll ask around

Well if it is on 360’s then I’ll bring down Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur IV if anyone is interested in playing either of those games with me?

Also is this taking place in the student lounge in the main building?

I think the lounge would be the only place to play to be honest… I don’t know of any other convenient places, especially in st james.

Alright guys, I’ve made a group page on Facebook in case anybody wants to join.

This will be a good way to get an idea of who’s out there in our school and perhaps get a small community going. Larger community=more tourneys=more events!

This is mainly for George Brown Students, but if you’re from around the Toronto area, join as well

I’m gonna try my best to make it at 1:30 and maybe finish the tournament in time to go to my last class. Hope the prize is something better than a $25 gift card.

Ok revision:

Time of the tournament is at 1:30PM NOT 11:00am!! Ends at 5pm

Bah can’t make it today after all. Had to stay up until 5am to finish a project because a girl plagerized her whole part. =_=

I should go.

GBC used to have a gdlk arcade a few years ago.