Gentlemens' Fighting League of Oklahoma's 2nd Premiere Tournament - OKC - (4/23/2011)

It’s ya man Momo, we didn’t advertise the first tournament but starting now we will. Taken from the Oklahoma thread:

All right people, it’s time for an MVC3 and SSF4 tournament on Saturday, April 23rd.

Cactus Jack’s,-95.677068&sspn=32.197599,56.513672&ie=UTF8&hq=cactus+jacks&hnear=Will+Rogers+World+Airport+(OKC),+Oklahoma+City,+Oklahoma+73159&ll=35.51602,-97.654724&spn=0.25821,0.441513&t=h&z=11&iwloc=A

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter 4

$10 For each game you’re competing in.
$5 Equipment fund. If you are competing in both events, you only have to pay one equip fund.
So it’s $15 to compete in a single game, or $25 for both.

All games will be played on Xbox 360. However, if someone is willing to bring a PS3 setup you can play on that provided both players agree.

Please bring your own fight sticks or controllers. Otherwise, you will need to convince someone to let you borrow theirs.

Game Time
Tournament Starts At 7:00pm on Saturday, April 23rd.
I’m going to start setting up around 6:00 pm

I’m going to be starting both tournaments at the same time. So be aware that some matches may have to wait if a player is playing in a tournament for the other game.

Double Elimination
2/3 Matches
3/5 Grand Finals

The pot will be split 70%/20%/10% for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.

Can’t Wait To See You Guys At The Tournament!
Enjoy & Good Luck!

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments.

oh wow you posted it up in here lol.

You should totally add BB and T6 to this list yo

Interview Time!

What is the G-FLO?
The Gentlemens’ Fighting League of Oklahoma (G-FLO) is a fightclub headed by CuttyMcStab located in Oklahoma City. Originally we had a previous series of ranbats called the Stay Salty Series, which had a good run, but shit came up so we’ll leave it at that. Think of G-FLO as an underground fightclub that preserves the beauty and the hype of competitive fighting games.

What does G-FLO do?
We run monthly tournaments and biweekly casual session in the OKC metropolitan area (Edmond, Yukon, Norman, etc.) We encourage players in the area, especially the three big colleges (OU, OSU, and UCO) even my cats in Tulsa (shoutouts to Animefreak) to come out to our events and help strengthen not just the OKC fighting game community, but OK in general. That way, we can represent OK in southwestern regionals, majors, etc!

What games does the fightclub support?
Well as of right now we’re running SSF4 and MvC3 for tournaments. However, we support any fighting games for casuals and tournaments for the majority. We’re open for ideas. Keep in mind tho, it’s better to build a community off of a new game than a game that has been out for a while or that isn’t popular.

Where is Cactus Jack’s?
Check the Google map link.

Why is there a $5 equipment fee for tournaments?
That’s a very good question. Times are hard, it’s been that way for the past decade now. At our first tournament last month we had six ASUS monitors total, three for each game. That’s good but if we want to add more games to the monthly tournaments then we’ll have to buy screens, which are not cheap. The money from the equipment fee goes directly towards that cause. So you’re not getting hustled, you know where that extra $5 is going to.

Will there be a stream or any matches posted?
Stream, obviously no. Not yet at least. As for matches, we do post them. Quality however is still being worked on. Check out my YT channel for vids on the fightclub: YouTube - OKCMomotaro’s Channel

Who can I contact for more info?
You can shoot CuttyMcStab or me (Momotaro) a PM if you have any questions. You can also post in the Oklahoma thread for more info.

I’ll add more questions later. I’ll also post the results from the first tourney later.

Try to make it if my monthlies are done by 7. Marvel game is leveling up with Out of State XP. HOLLA!

Will there be a place to play casuals/party afterwards? Or do we need to do it big in the hotel conference room?

Haven’t thought of this, thanks for mentioning it.

I’ll post this in the OK thread.

I can bring an extra asus and xbox if needed

Very appreciated.

We just stay at Cactus Jack’s and have casuals until they close, which is midnight.

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Holy shit. Starts at 7PM? That’s super late. Anyone in OKC can house Arkansas if we come up?

Also, is all of OKC gonna show up to this event? Considering we didn’t see you guys in Tulsa or ARK III, we’d like to finally meet most of the crew.

How Many people did y’all have at the last event?

All of OKC is most likely gonna show up. Some Tulsa cats are showing up as well. As for the housing bit, come to the OK thread and see if someone can hook ya up.

We had 29. 18 for MvC3 and 11 for Super. And this was our first tournament in like five months, and it wasn’t even advertised.

PS: I don’t run the event. Just advertise. Ask CuttyMcStab for further questions.

does it matter MAXX!?!? WENG?!?!?

Get over here

Haha I’m doing what I can to get Arkansas interested. I’ll let you know what happens Tim.

why is this starting so late? what time do you guys usually finish?

We normally finish around 10, but that was when we had small turnouts.

This one may be our biggest in a while.

Arkansas is bringing 5. Hopefully Tulsa is bringing quite a bit as well.

What’s the normal OKC turnout?

are there gonna be teams?