Gentlemen of a new dawn for online play has emerged-MAME HUB/CS MAME!

Hello Gentlemen…I am going to start this off by saying that yes, I realize I made a thread about this program a few months ago. But the program has morphed into something almost totally new and has been competely re-done, that I feel I am warranted in starting a new thread.

With that being said,

I am EXTREMELY happy to announce a new program for Windows called Client Server MAME/MAME Hub!!! What this is, is a program completely unrelated to Kaillera, but improved upon its features and functionality in a HUGE way. It allows you to connect to other folks for an online play experience surpassing even ggpo!!!

OK so let’s break down what we have here:

Client Server MAME is the base program. It is a variation of the command-line version of MAME itself. It has been completely designed and written from the ground up with VERY good netcode(think ggpo or better) in mind and is very good at preventing desyncs!

Furthermore, we have MAME HUB. MAME HUB runs along side CS MAME! What this is, is a new GUI application that allows you to connect with anyone for an online game in either MAME or MESS in an extremely easy and simple fashion! You can completely avoid having to deal with command lines whatsoever. It’s basically like Kaillera’s interface but with more options!

But that’s not all folks…the author of this awesome program, Digital Ghost, has added a SPECTATOR feature to the MAME HUB. This of course speaks for itself. Hop in and watch others compete in a seamless and intuitive fashion. Even better, it does NOT lag, hinder or bog down the games experience at all!

It gets even better…the program allows you to play ALL mame games with as many people at once as the game allows!!! That means 4-player Aliens vs Predator, 4-player D&D Shadow Over Mystaria, and 4-player Marvel vs Capcom switching between characters!!! How ridiculous is that???

You guys NEED to support this program! It’s GGPO/Kaillera taken to the next level!!! The author, Digital Ghost, has painstakingly wrote this program to be as lagless as possible, and he has committed to supporting this application for the LONG HAUL! He is even welcoming more beta testers and needs input from YOU on how to make MAME HUB/CS MAME better!

Please people…go and try it for yourselves. We’ve been asking for a new Kaillera-like netplay program for years, and now we’ve finally got it. It deserves your support and your input! I was RABID supporter of Kaillera back in the day! But this new MAME HUB/CS MAME program bitch slaps it in EVERY way! It has impressed me to no end! We’re talking MAME with good netplay…not FBA. Meaning far more supported games*(Mortal Kombat II with lagless netplay anyone?)*, the blessing of the MAME Dev themselves(something Kaillera will never have), and the BEST support ever, courtesy of the author, Digital Ghost!

CS MAME/MAME HUB is not an improved contribution to the online netplay scene folks, it is a fucking REVOLUTION!!!

So without further ado, Here are the links:

Link to program binaries:

Digital Ghost’s Blog: this is where he makes very frequent updates with the latest news on MAME HUB and CS MAME. It really REALLY behooves you guys to go there and leave comments so he can take your input and help make the program better. I cannot stress this enough!!

DigitalGhost’s Blog complete with tutorial: DigitalGhost’s Blog: MAMEHub Tutorial

Here is a video of two people playing TMNT online using ClientServerMAME in MAMEHub: [media=youtube]JdWzA0IC8K8[/media]

Thread in MAME about the program: MAMEWorld Forums - News Submission Board - MAMEHub 0.2 Released

quite interesting, i’m glad this thing has a GUI now

will try it for sure

I’ll try it. I like me some MK2 and TMNT.

O_o this better be as good as it sounds

^What he said.

Getting this error even if I just hook it up straight to the modem it happens. So its not a port forwarding problem. :confused:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 513, in <module>
File “”, line 503, in main
File “wx_core.pyo”, line 7978, in init
File “wx_core.pyo”, line 7552, in _BootstrapApp
File “”, line 41, in OnInit
socket.gaierror: [Errno 11001] getaddrinfo failed

Hello. DG is working on a video tuturial and it should help in getting everything running smooth.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to address any issues you’re having with the client directly to DG over on his blog! He is practically BEGGING for feedback and questions!!!

Anyone test 3rd Strike on this? Color me curious.

I…can finally play gems like Kaiser Knuckle/Dan-Ku-Ga? Asura Blade? OMG!

Must try this.

I will wait when the client is easier to do because I’m having the same problems like jedpossum

How in god’s balls do you get this thing going? I went to the download page, downloaded Mamehub 02a and I see it in my list of programs but I only see an option to uninstall it. I don’t see how your supposed to connect online.

For the people that are getting the same error I was.

Try this
-Go into the dist directory
-Remove all of the files that start with API
-Remove NSI.dll and WINNSL.dll
-Run MAMEHub.exe inside the dist directory

Just got done testing Daraku at 170 ping it had really bad input lag.

When I try to host it just takes me to notepad and it says " Creating ports 5805" and it just stays there

Same thing when I try to join a game, it just takes me to notepad.

“-The latency (the amount of game time that inputs are delayed) is now dynamic and based on ping. People with low ping will have quicker response times and people with high ping will not cause the entire game to slow down.”

Trash, the main idea is to provide an alternative to play not experiencing any delay. This is what ggpo is about. This program fails.

Also, I wonder if this one has 1 frameskip by default like ggpo’s fba has.

I cant get the damn thing to load. I wanna play Sunset Riders.

I have asked DG to come over here and see if he can help some of you.

In the meantime, why is it so hard for you guys to go to his blog and post your issues? This is the kind of shit he needs to be told about so that he can explain to you how to get it working for Kreiss sakes!!!

No offense dude, but you come off as a big time dick rider.

I don’t see how saying something that’s simply common sense can be interpreted as being a dick rider.

I can’t get my xbox 360 wired gamepad to work, any ideas? thx