Gen's kara grabs

Hey folks, I’m not sure if this is common knowledge or not, but I was working these out a few weeks back and thought I’d bring it to the Gen forum to see how many of you guys have currently known about and make use of these grabs.

To my knowledge these are the stance specific kara-grabs.
Mantis: S.Hp~ Lp+Lk

Crane: S.Mp~ Lp+Lk, S.Hp~ Lp+Lk.**

Crane covers a bit more distance, don’t have the tech to make a video for this but if someone wants to do something then that’ll be cool :slight_smile:

I’ve only got a few real setups for use in game.

**Mantis **
J.Hp on block. C.Lk, C.Lp (hit confirm by now) if hit follow with S.Mp or Hp (take your pick) ~ Lk Gekiro, if not Kara-grab.

**Crane **
(point blank AA) C.Mp, Kara Grab.
J.Hk x1 (neutral J if corner) , reset with S.Hk. walk forward a little Kara Grab (Corner area)
Oga horizontal, reset with C.Mp, Kara Grab

There’s a few more which aren’t worth really going into but if you guys have thoughts on this would like to know :slight_smile:

how did you miss the best one?

the mantis

it has lots more range than standing hp

Mantis should cover more range than crane. Crane kara throws have minimal range, and something like crane s.MK kara grab seems to move backwards! lol

My favourite: Mantis s.LK~LP. Has similar range to HP, less range than MK. But it’s really simple to do it, so emotion factor doesn’t budge in as much personally.

Can’t believe I missed Mantis >.< Thanks Mike!

Going by training room measurements, Mantis S.Mk~Grab moves the most with 3 blocks out of the 5 that makes up 1 square. (hope you understand)

Mantis S.Hp and S.Hk ~ kara grab move 2 blocks and S.Mp~ grab moves 1.

this is all in Gen’s movesets… in a sticked thread where I already provided zukuu his kara throws.

I’m just dreading when AE comes out and a bunch of new people start making threads for simple questions. Someone should’ve put (READ THIS FIRST BEFORE YOU POST) in the title for General Discussion about Gen.

Gen’s Kara mk back throw has about the same range as Vega’s Kara, crazy stuff.

Apoligies Messiah. But I figured that this was posted somewhere when I posted, which is why I followed up with setups and uses in match.

From reading Zuuku’s rather detailed post on the basics, there wasn’t much info about use of the Kara grabs. While I’m late to the party on this subject I figure given the limited abilities on Gen’s resets that finding suitable use for setups for Kara throws becomes an interesting topic to explore.

Even then, this thread proved useful to myself by Mike correcting me on the furthest Kara grab with Mk ~ Lp+Lk.

Also looking at the thread, the frame data there looks to differ from the official one as well, I was having a conversation the other day about Gen’s C.Hk being -17 frames (reported as -12 on Zuuku’s thread) on hit in comparison to Cammy’s C,S.Hk. as the worst hit frame data so that kinda was suprising.

But come AE I’m sure there will be a tonne of folk who find Gen interesting enough to explore, I reckon this be a topic that has some use in the long run.

^ ya but we can always add to it.

I’m gonna dabble with this bitch again when AE comes out. Hit confirm Target combo into gekiroooooooo? son? try ending a hitconfirm combo into gekiro on some ******* and that shit whiffs like dick.

in my opinion Gen in Super is better than Gen in Vanilla for me, He is fast, His wall dive is faster, his combos are more easier to land, AE will be unstoppable.

I’d have to disagree entirely with you there. I could make this long… lol my friends have heard pages and pages of ranting from me about vanilla gen vs super gen.

to be breif.

-Meter building was faster
-Use of meter was far more useful
-Damage output was higher (if you put the time in to learn MK hands loop)
-Legit Wake-up options (EX OGA in vanilla was a godsend)
-one of the best jump arcs in the game

Wall dives were useless, but against a good player in super… they still are. His links are better but fucking… do no damage really and using meter to fadc into a longer combo is so worthless it actually becomes a bad idea.

I’m very salty about Gen in super compared to himself in vanilla (he wasn’t the same character to me)… so much so I never could enjoy using him which is the fundamental reason why I couldn’t bring my Gen upto a high standard. AE is looking like a big improvement (CUZ HE CAN’T GET MUCH WORSE AMIRIGHTAMIRIGHT?!)… though his wake up options are still going to be VERY limited.

^ I have to agree and disagree.

I agree he wasn’t given tools that made him good enough to complete in a tournament. Unless you are justin wong who pulls him out of his ass for only one match until he loses, then switches to his main…sure.

They took away a lot of tools and options, and gave him some. IMO he was given great tools but didn’t make up for his overall loss. Also IMO his tools made him more of an balanced character. He was given a bit draw back, if you didn’t know how to keep people out that was very rush centric, you will have problems vs them, unless you can block, tech, and mash gekiro.

Now, the only things I wish he had in super still is the following, either his original jump arc and same meter building, or original range and same meter building. If he had the same meter building as in Vanilla, and one of the others, he’d be good.

As an Akuma main since ST, I had picked up Gen in Vanilla and was really big on the MK loop combos into gekiro and hands blah blah. Rhyllis was the gen player who made me want to learn Crane more. So really I had just started to try and be a more balanced Gen, but was still stuck on jumping in and MK hands when SUper game out. The biggest mistake that most gen players including myself made was complaining about how bad gen was and wasted so much time doing so. Instead of trying to find out what he can do etc. I would’ve loved to have those months back to learn him. I love the way he is played in super more than in Vanilla, however, he isn’t as good, but just a better style IMO.

All I know is, if Gen isn’t as good as everyone thought he would be, or he’s totally different they hate the way he plays now, or I wish he had this, or that, I won’t be one of them. What’s done is done, figure him out for your own play style, or drop him.


I kinda regret the time I had given up on Gen too, but only because he’s much better in AE. If Super Gen were to be the final version of him, I’d still be maining Fei.

If you’re going to compare Super Gen and Vanilla Gen, Vanilla could be the better version… but I really think he doesn’t hmm… fit, for lack of better term, in that game. He has horrible matchups (I for one do not miss fighting Vanilla Sagat/Shoto/Seth/Bison with Vanilla Gen), and being a 900 stamina/stun character in a game of 600+ easy ultra combos for almost everyone also was very frustrating.


Dat messiah truth lol.

Unfortunately I was one of the guys who complained, couldn’t get over it and dropped him. This ofcourse has came about as I started entering tournaments. I’ve soul searched, been fuckin with Sagat (lol) and all types of other characters but havn’t really found one I like… not like I did vanilla Gen. Super was a flop for me, but I know that’s mostly my own fault.

Anyway, I’ll pick him up again on the side in AE and hopefully enjoy the game more lol. Might go into training room and learn a bunch of tricks and gimmicks in prep for AE.

Not really a kara grab, but QCBx2 MK~3P gives you Mantis U2 with slightly more range. Not that it’s useful or anything :(. MK~MP “kara focus” may be more useful though with the resultant range being longer than crane c.HP, or crane s.HK~3K giving very little range on your Crane U1. Whether it would help with auto-correcting or not I’m not sure.

I don’t care how many noobs show up when AE drops, I’ll be happy to see ANYONE using Gen and contributing to the forums. I really don’t think you should be worrying about a flood of Gen recruits ruining our community.

…I mean, it’s kinda hard to call the 5 or 6 of us surviving Gen players a community, you know what I mean?

Someone should clean up our current sticky threads for when it does happen. Telling someone to look at the stickies when it’s still from vanilla/isn’t very informative isn’t really helping the nubs. We need to contact a moderator or find someone who is willing to update their first post and keep it updated.

I’m in good with Mr. Flowers. He’s cool shyte. So I just message him when I need stuff.

@ HNIC Mike
i forgot about that too all this time i been kara throwing with hp~lp+lk -_-

I love that Kara throw. It’s almost as good as Ken’s. Mantis cr. wk, cr. wp 2x, st. mk~back throw(wp+wk) FTW!