General Sagat Q&A

I’m new to Sagat and have questions…figured it’s be good to have a central place for Q&A.

Primarily been an Akuma main and recently picked up Ryu to focus on fundamentals. Primary issue I’m having is getting used to Sagat’s slow walk speed and normals. Anyway specific questions I have are:

  • Is his optimal position St LK range? noticed Bonchan sits at that range and chucks low TS

  • Low TS vs High TS. I feel low is better but have no data to support that. Can anyone provide insight on the scenarios where one is better than the other?

Thanks in advance for the help.

I don’t really post in the sub forums very much but to answer your question ( despite it being very old!)

No, isn’t really optimal, that’s a result of the opponent closing him down, if I were to pick optimal it would be more like range. range anti air becomes hard because of your ground concentration.

Yes, low shot is your bread and butter. 80% Sagats shot game. The reason is quite simple, it pushes the opponent back or causes them to react ( jump block special etc) high shot can be crouched and you lose space as they walk up after whilst you can’t throw another shot.

Look up TotalSagat on YouTube, you’ll find tons of tips there.

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