General Questions about SSF4

I hope someone can help me with these, pretty simple noob questions.

  1. How does Juri’s Ex Fireball Kick work? Most of the time its low.
  2. Statistically whats you success rate with counter ultras?
  3. When you’re in a ranked match, there’s a sort of reel/wheel next to your points. Sometimes for me it changes color/starts spinning, what does this mean?
  4. Are charge times shortened for everyone, or just sonic boom?
  5. In what cases is Dan’s Ultra 2 better? His first ultra goes through everything, it looks like Koryuken->FADC->Ultra2 is the only exclusive setup.
  6. Will there be DLC characters in the future?
  7. What do you get for beating all the trials?
  8. I heard that each character can choose from 2 different rivals in Arcade Mode. how do I choose which one I fight?

You can answer ALL of these questions by:

-Using the search function
-Going to the character specific forums
-Reading the goddamn instruction manual

I know this is Newbie Saikyo Dojo, but I don’t understand how that implies it’s also “Lazy ass fucker dojo”

Its easier for me to just ask it here, since many of the questions look like they have more than a simple answer. Thanks for the suggestion though I’ll go check out the subforums.

  1. Depends on which 2 buttons you press
  2. Depends on the ultra and what you mean by counter
  3. I believe it changes based on your win streak
  4. Yes
  5. I don’t know
  6. Unknown
  7. An achievement and a title
  8. Not all characters have an alternate rival, there’s a button combination you have to hold to choose it.

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

for question 3:

The reel/wheel is an indicator for where you are in regards to earning a replay upload. When it turns red if you win the match you have the option of uploading the replay. Generally getting 4 wins gives you a replay upload.