General questions about modding an Agetec

I’m using and as references, and I jus’ have a couple of questions.

1.) It says you have to make the button holes in the metal faceplate a little bigger…but would there be any problems leaving it off all together?

2.) I plan on using a Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y, which comes w/ a square restrictor plate. Would it be better to get a octagonal plate?

Also, I’ve probably played on both before and didn’t know it…but what exactly is the difference b/w the Sanwa JFL-TP-8Y and the Seimitsu LS-32? And which would be better/easier to repair my stick(s)?

That all I can remember for now, but I’ll probably ask more later.

Thanks in advanced.

  • Geronimo

I’m only going to answer these questions because you have Sendo in your avatar. And that in itself deserves some leniancy.

  1. You can leave it off and Jap 30mm buttons will fit fine. The only downside being that you will probably want to put a layer of plexi/lexan to replace it otherwise you’ll have a small dip as well as large open basin around your joystick.

  2. Square or octagon is preference. Don’t let anyone tell you that one is “better” than the other. That being said, square is better : )

I’m not going into the JLF and LS-32 comparison. It just gets tedious and again it’s preference. You can read a brief comparison in my other thread:

I think the JLF is a much easier mod for the Agetec case. And if you want to mount an LS-32, you’re going to want to keep your top panel (at least the way I do it).

Again, Sendo rules. So I was nice : D


Thanks. I guess most of these questions were preference based.

I completely forgot about the basin for the stick though.

And yes, Sendo’s dope.

Thanks again.

  • Geronimo

There’s the whole debate about the LS-32 being mounted too low on an Agetec (I think Tychom discusses this on his website anyway). Personally, I solved the problem by fitting an LS-55 to mine, which has the same shaft length as a Sanwa JLF. Problem is the LS-55 has a wide throw compared to other Seimitsu sticks due to the extra length of the shaft. You can fix this problem by modding the square restrictor, but most people probably won’t want to go to that much effort.