General plink dashing

ive tried to reserch plink dashing a little. i cant seem to figure it out. it seems like there doing an attack, but cancelling it into a dash or something. since i can only try what i THINK im looking at in the videos cause theres no actual "voice " telling u how to do it, just demonstrations, im not having much success. if someone can maybe “tell” me how to actually do it, then i can start practicing it. ive even seen people do it in the air which would help me drastically cause i use phoenix and could use it to get away when shes snapped in. i can wave dash perfectly with no interuptions so i already have that down. also i use a ps3 controller cause im 1 of the few who just could never adjust to a stick. im guessing that makes it harder.
thanks ahead of time for any advise.

You’re right; it’s cancelling an attack into a dash, but only during the startup of the attack. The attack is never supposed to become active. If you’re familiar with kara cancelling, this is what’s happening. Basically what you want to do is input an attack then input a dash a few frames after. I play on PS3 and PS2 pad, too. What I do is press Circle (mapped to :h:) then press R2 (mapped to :l:+:m:) almost immediately after. You can do this on the ground or in the air during flight mode.

I have my R2 as M H for frank west purposes. That should still work right if I do what your saying?
also, as u hit R2 and your character dashes, do u have to normal cancel into down like when u wave dash? Or can u just keep hitting H, R2, H ,R2, H, R2

Is there a specific reason why you need m+h for frank? &no, with most characters, you can cancel a ground dash into a normal just by pressing the normal at any time during the dash. However, to plink dash repeatedly, you want to cancel THAT normal’s startup frames with another dash, so going from [H into R2] have to be pressed with only a few frames in between and from [R2 into another H+R2] can be pressed whenever during the active frames of the dash.

If you have :m:+:h: as your dash button, you have to use :l: instead of :h:. If your character can cancel the dash into a normal, then you can just do :l:~:m:+:h:, :l:~:m:+:h:… and just keep doing that because you’re cancelling the dash into an attack, then cancelling that into a dash again. If your character CAN’T cancel the dash into a normal, you can’t plink dash REPEATEDLY (edit) with that character.

Thanks guys. I really appreciate all the help. Wish I wasn’t so tired I’d go try it now. I no for sure phoenix can do it, and frank can cancel all his dashes into any attack so he should do it. ( i no, what idiot uses frank with phoenix, cause there 2 characters your supposed to build a whole team around right? I have a pretty good game plan that fucks people up though) Skull couldn’t though cause if u fuck up and hit the buttons too close he’ll be stuck in tenderizer. Instant loss so not worth it.
im I’m gonna try it without having to change my R2 setting. MR B Guy i have it set that way for frank cause for some weird reason i ALWAYS fuck up after the air combo in hitting x factor. When u hard knock him down, u snap shot OTG into carrage, when they hit the wall u x factor and snap again for level 4. For some reason i hit the x factor perfect every time when i hit R2 as M H and my thumb on L S. I dont no, its like a stupid default.
But 1 more thing, so i can just keep canceling the attack with R2 dash and all, but say im flying with phoenix and i dash forward on entry. Now im behind them so how do u plink dash backward? Do u have to hold back the whole time u do it?

Yeah. You can do it with any direction. Hold a direction while you plink dash so you go in that direction. On the ground, you can go backward or forward (you can also quickly change from back dashing to forward dashing by just changing the direction you hold); in the air, assuming you have flight, you can go any direction your air dash permits you.

By the way, you can set your R2 to :l:+:m:+:h: so you can X-Factor with R2 and X (which I assume is your :s:). You can still plink dash this way. In fact, you can use any button, :l:, :m:, or :h:, to plink dash if you use :l:+:m:+:h: as your dash button.

i think that will be my best decision. Ill give it a try tonight. I should be able to dash away with phoenix now pretty well. And i always had a problem dashing backwards as fast as i can dash forwards on the ground. This should clear that up. Thanks again.
by the way, who is your main team?

PM’d you.