General Gem Loadout setups for Tournament play?

Any one know how the gems will be set up for EVO? or any general major tournament? Since Capcom didn’t add a universal loadout setup, I’d like to know.

I think it was said that gems won’t be in tourney play.

well actually, cause of the patch v.2013, the Gems presets were reset to 5 default slots. If it was for tournament play, thats not a problem. currently Evo has not made it a rule to use it …YET.

I think the 5 gem default presets should be the tourney standard. It offers the general idea of customizing your playstyle a bit but now is as convenient as picking an ultra/assist in sf4/mvc3

People need to learn how to properly use the quick selection , HOLDING R1 or L1 during allows you to scroll through them much quicker. I don’t think they need to be banned, people just need to know how to properly use the gem selector.

It doesn’t seem that it’s common knowledge that the standard gem load out is now:

Sample 1: 001, 019, 038 (Immense power / Attack)
Sample 2: 046, 050, 056 (Iron wall / Defense)
Sample 3: 205, 207, 214 (Onslaught / Cross gauge)
Sample 4: 024, 139, 245 (Pandora)
Sample 5: 001, 048, 205 (Balance)

Gems grant different buffs and they have different activation requirements. Different characters benefit from different buffs and a very important aspect of gems, is how you chose gems that have activation requirements that fit your character. Some characters rely heavily on special moves in their bnb’s and gameplay (Jack for example). Naturally these characters will land more special moves than, let’s say Dhalsim, who rely a lot on zoning with normals. It is not fair to only allow the pre set gems, because by doing this, you are only allowing certain activation requirements, which will benefit some characters more than others.

That being said, I would rather have these pre sets than no gems at all, as you will have a better chance of covering your character’s weaknesses by using a pre set gem set up of the category you need, even if some characters will do this more effectively than other’s and therefor creating an additional balance issue.

Although I agree with SimSimIV I do think that the standard gems Capcom decided on can be used in a balanced way. I think there is a setup for you regardless of your team. I just checked the EVO rules and it says:

  • The default gem sets (2013 version) will be the only sets of gems you can choose from.

I always liked gems and I didn’t like that EVO banned them at fist. I do hope not everybody chooses the defense gems. That would be lame. On the other hand, they only give 10% defense. So that’s not too bad.

According to Twitter, Evo will now be using the new default gem loadouts.

Great. Now I can’t go to Evo.

That does irritate me as I have some particular sets I’d love to run… but as Simsim said, I’d rather this than no gems at all, so I’ll work with it personally. Whatever works to get the game going in its best light.

Not sure if I’ll make EVO yet as I have… a LOT possibly going on in July, including Comic-con if I can finally score these damn tickets. I’m kinda’ hoping I can do both but we’ll see.

so all presets are universal? Good to know. Need to check out the gems that these IDs have - or if someone would be so kind to post them.

One question tho, I have only the “old presets” and my custom setups at home, are the new presets only when you freshly install the game?

The new presets can be gotten in several ways.

  1. Start a new save. New install is not needed.
  2. Start a new save on your PS Vita version and share the gems with PS3. (Only possible if you have both the PS3 and VIta versions obviously)
  3. Change the gems by hand. (Very tedious)

I also made a list for my personal use. Might as well post it here. Some of the gems were changed since ver. 1.07. I adjusted them as much as I could remember. Pandora gems now last 20 sec instead of 10. And do 10% more damage instead of 30%.

Sample 1: 001, 019, 038 (Immense power / Attack)
Sample 2: 046, 050, 056 (Iron wall / Defense)
Sample 3: 205, 207, 214 (Onslaught / Cross gauge)
Sample 4: 024, 139, 245 (Pandora)
Sample 5: 001, 048, 205 (Balance)

Sample 1 slots effect duration activation
001Immense Power Lv. 11Attack +10%20Connect with 5 normal moves
019Immense Power Lv. 11Attack +10%20Your partner connects with a launcher
038Immense Power Lv. 21Attack +20%15Escape 1 throw
046Iron Wall Lv. 11Defense +10%20Block 5 times
050Iron Wall Lv. 11Defense +10%20Get hit by 2 special moves
056Iron Wall Lv. 11Defense +10%20Perform 1 Cross Cancel
Sample 3
205Onslaught Lv. 11Gauge Acquisition +20%20Have 4 of your attacks blocked
207Onslaught Lv. 11Gauge Acquisition +20%20Connect with 3 special moves
214Onslaught Lv. 21Gauge Acquisition +40%15Your partner connects with a launcher
Sample 4 (Pandora)
024Immense Power Lv. 11Attack +10% 20Activate Pandora Mode
139Divine Speed Lv. 3 1Speed +20% 10Activate Pandora Mode
245Proficiency Lv. 1 1Gauge usage drop +20%20Activate Pandora Mode
Sample 5 (Balance)
001Immense Power Lv. 11Attack +10% 20Connect with 5 normal moves
048Iron Wall Lv. 2 1Defense +20% 15Block 10 times
205Onslaught Lv. 11Gauge Acquisition +20% 20Have 4 of your attacks blocked

Great. My layout is completely ruined. I hope ppl can still read it and make sense of it.

I tried doing this my making a new account on XBL but uh… didn’t quite work. :frowning: I messed up a step somewhere.

Not the end of the world!

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You probably have to erase the save from your XBOX completely. Maybe copy it onto a USB stick first.

I don’t own an XBOX. So don’t take my word for it.

For Xbox.

Xbox Main Menu > Settings > System > Storage > Hard Drive > Games and Apps > SFXT > SFXT SAVE DATA (with you profile name) > Delete

There. You deleted your save file and will be prompted to create a new one but everything else you downloaded will still be intact.

Only Onslaught and Balance look useable to me. The rest is pretty crap to be honest. It’s funny that they have no speed setups. They must have noted themselves that they are pretty useless.