Gen parry glitch.

Hi there.

I decided to learn properly the stance changing glitch, but I can’t seem to do it at all.

I remember back in Vanilla I was able to pull it off sometimes. I followed the description in the video Yeb posted on YT. Have they changed the way you do it in the Super version?

Please, give me some tips. Thanks in advance.

nope. I find plinking it compared to plinking normals, it seems you have to plink faster.

I went about practicing this for 2 weeks before a tourney last year and didn’t follow through due to it requiring insanely fast input, which goes against my flow of inputs in the middle of a match.

But here’s how I worked on it.

from crane to mantis, thumb on mk with 3 fingers over the punches, plink the focus attack by pressing fast with all 4 fingers first press, second one remove thumb input.

As for mantis into crane, I found it much trickier for usual input so i layed my index, middle and ring finger flat over the buttons and pressing them with the whole of my middle finger then followed by my bottom segments of all 3.

Not a great explanation(sorry), but timing is super precise for this, practiced until i got around 8/10 for fireballs and then stoppped thereafter, can occasionally f-arry dive kicks but that’s about it.

For me, the easiest way to do it is using assigning KKK and PPP to one buttons. All you have to do is use MK+MP~KKK or MK+MP~PPP

best way and easy way to do kara stance parry crane to mantis plink fadc then all 3 punch with thumb on mk
mantis - crane it not normaly plink and using index finger got low success rate andu msut press super fast but i find way that is lot easier to do first dnt use index finger at all use middle finger on lp plink the focus wiht fourth finger on mp the middle finger will line up your finger to hit 3 kick so much faster .but beware u might have to do diff plink to continue the game like plinking fadc with middle finger and change stance back to mantis with that finger then u can go back playing normal with index finger

Aren’t triple punch and kick macro buttons banned in tournaments?

Naw. Even stuff like back/select plinking is okay.

As tempting as it may be i advocate not to try it in a real match or you may get raped badly, anyway I hit the lab baby( 5 frames vs 20 frame moves lol)