Gen in SfxTekken!

If they put Gen in that game I will definitely play it. Any ideas on the chances?

Wang / Gen can you imagine the power!! lol.

Capcom please put Gen in the game =D

My dream team would be Gen and Lei Wulong, awesome Kung Fu stance-switching team. Don’t think there’s any chance any of them will end up in the game though. Gen is weird and not a popular character, and a big part of Leis game in Tekken is being able to lie down on the floor, which you can’t do in SF X Tekken. But who knows?

Doubt it… I’m expecting more SF 3rd Strike characters to make a return in Gen’s place, namely popular ones like Elena, Alex, maybe even Q. I still want to play as Gen though. Personally, I find Gen / Xiaoyu would make for a “cute” couple.

This “leaked” character roster has been accurate so far, so don’t get your hopes up. :frowning:

I’m dying for Karin. I’ve been hoping that leaked roster is accurate for awhile. I would love to see Gen though of course! What is the deal with Rufus though? Is he in the game or not? Because if he is, then that throws off the leaked roster.

Gen should be a hidden character.

The only way I’ll even play SFxT casually is if Gen and Akuma are both in it.

Wonderful how this shit is still being called a leak despite the person who made it admitting that it was a Photoshop and intentional troll.

If it is accurate, it’s a leaked list, regardless of what you may have heard from whoever. You think he magically guessed the roster up to this point? Seriously? I hope it isn’t completely accurate, don’t get me wrong, but at this point it’s really seeming like wishful thinking. And Photoshop? Try MS Paint… So far, it is accurate. Who knows, maybe the “person who made it” was even paid or compensated somehow to say he was trolling. Either way, the list has so far been accurate to my knowledge, and your attitude is made of so much win! Wonderful!

Doesn’t seem accurate to me, since it has no mention of Rufus. I thought he was confirmed to be in the roster?

Yeah, I like how it has Rufus, Boxer and Claw, and I like how Ibuki is teamed with Makoto and Rolento with Sodom… oh wait.

The person who made that took the already revealed characters, characters that were teased (OMG THE LEAK IS RIGHT BECAUSE IT HAD CHARACTERS THAT JUST GOT REVEALED EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE TEASED BEFORE THAT IMAGE WAS DONE) and some educated guesses anyone with brain cells could’ve came up with.

Gen in this game would be sweet, top tier! hehe … no doubt they would probably give him crap damage like in SF4 series.

Well, I stopped keeping up with it a few months ago, but I thought Rufus wasn’t actually in it, and I just plain missed the Boxer and Claw part. I’ll just have to pay more attention. You guys are really super serious about this thing lol…

No way, I even asked Ono on twitter once and he replied “we should let Gen rest, no?”. Not even funny…

Yeah I’m not at all surprised though. I’m fairly certain SF4 is the very last we’ll see of Gen.

“My only fear is that I shall pass before my appointed fight to the death.”

Why couldn’t you have kept that to yourself? Boo… Now I’m really hooked.

Rest!?? There is no rest he must have his fight to the death!

Alone in the darkness, surrounded by the voices of the dead. Again, the same dream. What foolishness. No matter the ferocity of your anger or contempt for me, there is nothing you can do to hurt me. You lost that right the instant I stared death in the face and turned my back. You are powerless against me now. I live to fight. Death’s embrace is my ultimate destiny. As long as blood courses through my veins, I shall not succumb to the likes of you! I will not allow the putrid dead to so much as touch me!

Seriously the best character in any fighting game.

I’m not very confident that Capcom knows what to do with Gen anymore.He was an interesting character in SF1 even if no one remembers or cares, he was all kinds of badass in Alpha when they had him return as Akuma’s rival, and SF3 had Yun and Yang who were like love letters to Gen fans, they even gave Chun-li one of Gen’s moves from SF1. Then IV came along and I’ve been all sorts of confused with what they’re doing. He doesn’t really fit into the story very well, they didn’t even make him anyone’s rival, which is dumb considering all the Akuma fights to the death and the fact that he taught all the Chinese characters in the game how to fight. I’d rather they let Gen sit out SFxT, but I want to see him show up in the Namco TxSF. Considering he has more normals than any other SF character, he seems like a natural fit.

And yeah, the leaked list has been a bunch of hooey from the get go. Everyone talked about it as the Lupinko leaked list, but he’s been telling everyone non-stop that he didn’t make it. He has hinted that there are over 50 characters on his blog however. Also the creator of the “leaked list” came out and said it was his wish list like months ago.

SF4 Gen sucked story wise. In fact, SF4 story sucks as a whole, because SF4 doesn’t tell a story, just random cutscenes.

I was expecting to see Gen and Akuma fight each other and Gen training Yun & Yang. But no, he knows Chun li’s father or some shit.

He won’t be in SFxT but I still hope to see Gen in SF5 though.