Gen hitbox images (zip)

Hi guys, sorry for making a thread for this, I just compiled hitbox images from super and since most of Gen hitbox remained unchanged I believe its still usefull. below is the link.

you can download it and keep. let me know if its gonna be useful for you

Tks Ugo…

Quite useful thanks for posting. Notables include mantis stand roundhouse, crane j. mp, mantis cr. fierce as an anti air, and the huge hurt box on s. mk.

It’s missing the sideways ceiling drops.

That was not in the hitbox vid. I will search for it

theres a stickied thread with this stuff already in it.

heres a portion of the first post there

Hit Boxes

Click on the move’s name to show its hitbox.

LP | MP | HP
c.LP | c.MP |c.HP
c.LK | c.MK| c.HK
j.LP | j.MP | j.HP
j.LK | j.MK| j.HK
Gekiro: LK | MK| HK| EX
Rapid Slaps
Super Mantis
Ultra 1 | Ultra 2

c.LP| c.MP | c.HP
c.LK | c.MK | c.HK
j.LP | j.MP | j.HP
j.LK | j.MK | j.HK
Oga: Far| Close| Ceeling Drop
Super Crane
Ultra 1 | Ultra 2

Forward Throw | Backward Throw
Focus Attack
(thanks to street11 for making them)

White Numbers:
Range of the Throw/Hitbox.

Long horizontal solid yellow box:
Makes the opponent block, instead of walking backwards, if he’s within.

Transparent yellow boxes.
Stands for the physical place your character consumes. No hurtbox! This makes you simply unable to walk through each other.

Solid red boxes
Hitbox. If this meets a hurtbox, a hit / block concludes.

Solid blue boxes
Throwbox. If this hits a Grabbox, a throw occurs.

Green lined boxes
Hurtbox. If a hitbox from the opponent strikes this, you’ll get hit.

Blue lined boxes
Grabbox. If a Throwbox of the opponent collides, you’ll be thrown.

Red lined boxes.
Hurtbox like mentioned above, but immune versus projectiles.