Gen ending, possible evolution

What did you guys think at the end? :eek: Are those colour effects just a visualisation of his illness like in the opening cutscene? Or is it some otherworldly stuff like Satsui no hado somehow sticking to him, changing Gen into a different fighter?
Because that sounds exciting.
Imagine Gen with even fiercer moves but still no projectiles. Maybe a teleport gekiro where you start normal and after four kicks you can decide to drop the opponent or do another input and he teleports to the opposite side of the character and continues kicking from there. =_=

the dude is leaking chakra

Chakra, like the seven energy centers from hindusim? Maybe Dhalsim can help. xD :wink:

yeah, maybe lol! unfortunately Gen will be dead by SF5

Is that so? Maybe they’ll squeeze another one in between the timeline of Third Strike and IV. ^^

gen must find his fight to the death , and probably he will face Oni after this last kills Gouken

According to UDON, Gen eventually gave up his quest for the fight to the death and went back to his restaurant gig.

That would be the wise thing to do. But it probably wasn’t wise in the first place to become an assasin for the chinese mafia. xD

There might be an Evil Gen~~~~

nah, doubt it, Gen is too badass to go evil

Hm, but how can Gen logically be continued? He likes to fight people because he’s so ill. If he lost his illness, he would probably go back to Genhanten and cook some delicious duck for his customers.

he will toss all ingredients and go zetsuei on them. poor ducks and ingredients. then a stray tiger will come by and “YOU CANNOT DODGE WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE!” bam Tiger is dead

Gen’s single player win quotes in vanilla were pretty evil. Brutal anyway.

Judging from Gen’s bio, Gen is a “Chaotic Neutral” in the alignment system.

Now with E.Ryu and Oni on the loose, we have old man Gouken and no one else to stop them. Capcom needs to make a fair fight for the “good side”. Not sure if anyone noticed, but if one gets the chance to fight Oni in arcade mode, Oni says to him “Your fists… they cannot harm a demon!”, if you beat him, Gen and his victory grin retorts back “It’s time to face a deity…” It seems as though Gen has begun to view himself as some sort of god, perhaps the god of death? (He mentions death a lot in his quotes)
Let’s say Gen inherits some other-worldly powers that has not yet been fully realized. Perhaps we can make him an encounter with Oni/E.Ryu, both of who are overflowing with powers that cause a reaction with Gen’s. Instead of a fight to the death, he found the fight to become death itself! WIth that, Gen’s new name will be 死神 (deity of death). Now Gouken can deal with his pupil, Evil Ryu, while Gen fully reborn as a deity will take on Oni. Why would he do that? 'Cause once again, Chun Li as a cop has been sent to investigate the destruction caused by Oni, and sensing that shit is about to hit the fan, Gen will stop Oni before Chun Li is hurt.

Deity of death vs incarnation of evil. Round 1, FIGHT

oh but then… we know capcom isn’t going to do anything like that lol

Haha, thank god that there’s Chun-Li so Gen can play eternal godfather. :slight_smile: Very nice post,武俠派.