Gen corner pressure

Hello fellow gen-players! I been playing Gen a lot recently and really feeling him as a character. I really like him so I dicided to main Gen.

I have a question about one thing thoe. How do you play the corner pressure game whit gen effectively?

Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

Make them respect your options

  1. Keep them cornered by anti airing their escape attempts and we’ll placed cr. Mp hands, always maintain position at sweep range and weave in and out poking them to oblivion.

  2. Gen Kara throw is good and if u get it in the corner by poke walk back walk forward throw then u have option to either maintain lockdown or lose. It for ambiguous 50-50 and fake cross ups

  3. Gen mantis focus attack has long range and extends way past his hands use this to pile on pressure.

  4. Gen overhead is good for loosening ppl up as well but use this sparingly or if u condition them by interchanging with sweep.

  5. After a knockdown in the corner don’t be in a hurry to get in fake a walk up then walk back and watch the dp fly!

Once you have these you can have a good corner pressure game

Exactly what ugo_2u said, but to add on and emphasize;

Make sure you do NOT try and go for a crossup in the corner, or even jump towards them. With your opponent in the corner, they’re already at a disadvantage and will try to escape. Non-tournament players will definitely try and jump out, just sit and wait for them then anti-air. You’ll be surprised at yourself when you jump in the corner and corner yourself :\

as far as i can tell , you basically have to memorize at least 3 differents setups on 50/50 ambiguous crossups and then the fun begins :slight_smile: usually same setup can lead to cross or not so mix them up !!!
but if you fail to score a hit just stay in the ground and get ready to anti air usually xian (for example) tries to crane jump as fast as possible so have this option in my case i just wait and play in the ground…