Gem set up

whats a good setup for orgen ihave the SE so i have all thr dlc gems (45extras)

Does anyone else just don’t care wut gems are equipped? I’ve had the game since release, and I still don’t know how to use them, don’t even bother… SHOULD I be concerned with gems?

I dunno i just play without gems. not going to concern myself with them until they are legal for tournament.

Not really caring for the time being, but a speed gem would be nice for Ogre. Faster full screen hunting owls? Yes, please! :D.

I’ve been using

4 Blocked Moves: +10% Damage [(st.Jab x2)x2]
Partner connects with Launcher: +Damage

the only good gems imho are fortification gems 100 Life more is just worth more then 10% more damage (1000Damage combo needet to archive the same disadvantage for your enemy as the benefit you are gaining… so 3x Forti or Meter build if you can archive at least 100damage more with the meter… (most prply not…)

at first, i was using meter/damage/fort gems that activated after 3 specials. ogre’s bnb and playstyle make activating those pretty easy. i want to be aggressive when the gems activate, so the fort gem allows you to be a bit more careless.

nowadays, i’m just using two 100 fort gems and the 80 vitality heal over time gem. lol, it is hilarious eating an entire bnb with your gems popped and watching your life barely move an inch.