*Gears in brain slam to a halt* SF the movie music video

…? (Seriously?!)

I have cancer after watching this.

:sad: This was my childhood… dood!

I love the part where Guile’s troops come in up top and it shows Sagat rubbing his chin like he actually stands a chance against ANYONE in the movie, all 5 foot 5 inches of him.:rofl:

:u: Don’t you know RPD? Guile has ALWAYS had MC Hammers’ back. :wonder: I used to bump this in my walkman when used to walk to school. I still have the song if anyone wants it… dood!

Damn, I haven’t seen that video in ages. Forgot that JCVD was even in it. And yeah, that soundtrack was pretty serious back in the day. Used to ride my back and listen to it all the time. Still have the cassette in my car right now.

Guile was in the video too lol that’s dope