GDT #6 - 10/28/06 - 3S/Slash/CvS2/MeltyBlood/ and more!

Yeah you read that shit right, GDT IS BACK IN BUSINESS MOTHERFUCKERS!

Thanks to an absolute miracle, someone did in fact purchase the store (incidentally he was there during the tournament last Saturday) and would like for GDT to continue being held there. After talking things over it looks like we’re here to stay!

With that in mind, yes, this tournament falls on the 28th, a day I imagine most of you will be doing Halloween whatever (as the 31st falls on a Tuesday this year). The store was cleaned out somewhat (as in a few televisions were bought, as was a PS2 and certain games) so I’m throwing this at the end of the month to help the new owner get everything in order before then.

Outside of that, it’s back on bitches!


Game Dimensions
7 Banta Place
Hackensack NJ 07601

phone # 201 488 7775


October 28, 2006


(Times are subject to change.)

12:00pm - GDT opens, casuals start.
2:00pm - Signups officially start.
3:00pm - Last call for signups.
3:30pm - Tournaments start, casuals end.
4:00pm - If you aren’t here, you are out.



Games to be played:

Street Fighter Three : Third Strike
Capcom vs Snk 2
Guilty Gear Slash

As time goes on we’ll likely switch games out for whatever you folks are up for playing, so long as someone remembers to bring it.

Also we are very much going to be running a MELTY BLOOD : ACT CADENZA tournament, so come support the scene! There will likely be a AE tournament too.


Five dollars HOUSE FEE.
Then five dollars PER TOURNAMENT.

So if you enter just Third Strike then it’s: $5 for house fee + $5 for Third Strike.


Here are directions on how to get to GD!

There are places to eat here and there.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN STICK / PAD, do not hold up the tournament because someone else is using your stick or five other people need to. Obviously this is a console tournament so MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT ;p.

The times are currently under revision, and I will let you know in the weeks to come as to whether or not we’ll need any equipment.

Otherwise let’s make this shit good!



damn why are you holding this on my 21st birthday


How about the 21st then (but that would conflict with Renegade)?

You think this is too late in the month to hold it maybe?

You know what? It sounds like I actually might be able to go to this one. Provided the tourney doesnt start late.

We wuz lied tos. Wes don’t appriciates this nones to muchs.

Well hello everyone.

I am KmrDrow.


I’ll see if I can go to this.

Chibi: Don’t do it on the 21st. I was going to do a CF tourny on the 21st.
Renegade doesn’t matter for the 21st. He lives in VA. What does that have to do with anything?

Maybe it matters because when you’re promoting a gaming community, you have enough respect to not run events on the same weekend as others. There needs to be a “Schedule” of sorts to promote people to travel and play in other areas besides their own backyard…this is the only way to promote and grow the community.

Running a local event on the same weekend as the 21st, when VA is having a very large local/regional that they have been advertising for a while, is counterproductive. The same way that Jinmaster kept deciding to run regionals against established tournaments throughout the spring/summer and the community came out and publicly bashed him for it. You may not think that something in VA affects the entire east coast, however I can tell you right now that myself and a few others from this area are actually planning to make the trip down there.

We’re treading new ground right now, because before this year there WEREN’T so many regionals that had the problem of conflicting with each other. But it’s just common respect to not hold a local event the same weekend when something else was already scheduled to be held, as long as there is potential/possibility that somebody who might come to YOUR event might have gone to the other one instead.

But anyway, my personal opinion is that the CTF tournaments don’t mean shit anyway since the controls are so horrible, and anybody that would bother to go to them at this point simply isn’t looking for competition but just something to kill time on a Saturday. On the other hand, GDT tournaments have been pretty good and I think they should continue to not conflict with other events. Having the next GDT on October 28 should be fine.

Can we please not start MBAC at 7 to 8pm at night when half the people are ready to go home, or am i beating a dead horse here?

i’m going to walk out there if i have to, i’m 99% sure i’m getting to this one ><

If the tournament starts at 5 and people leave at 7 or 8 they obviously had other things to do ;p.

But yeah, I’ll work on getting it started earlier.

We can use the basement now if we need more space, so that option is there.


Oh shit sweet. I thought I had missed out on these. Now let’s all hope I secure a job so I can come. :bluu:

Great White Ninja Edit: I have an interview with CVS tomorrow. I hope I get it.

HTYME (Jinmaster’s event) is supposed to be on the 28th as well. J.Wong is said to be coming out for that tournament so I think people are gonna be headed to VA the week after for that as well. Maybe not so much the NY players (but with J.Wong coming you never know) but mad MD/VA peepz and some NC players will definitely be there. If the C3 event should be considered as “large” (it is going to be a decent sized tourney) HTYME will definitely be a major event as well.

ill be bringing some cake to this motherfucker

lets be honest with ourselves here, the only ppl who would go to a md/va tourney that also goes to chibi tournies are the ct heads :frowning:

but does the md/va tourney have cake? I THINK NOT

bring your sister to that way I can have cake and your sister :wink:

That’s what I figured. Despite the two tournaments being on the same day I can’t imagine there’d be a huge problem seeing the distance between the two tourneys. I’m just letting people aware that both tournaments are on the same Sat.

This is what I was thinking, along with what DevilJin was saying ^. Too far of a distance to worry about and go apeshit.


Unless you’re trying to have a major on the same weekend of evo, ecc, or mwc, it isn’t a problem. Local tournaments shouldn’t collide with other local tournaments, but the definition of local depends on the area. For example I consider gdt a local for NJ, NY, and CT because there are regular people from those states. I wouldn’t want a gdt to conflict with a cf tournament.

Chibi call me sometime this week.