GDT #5 - 9/23/06 - Hackensack, NJ - 3S/Slash/CvS2/AE/Melty Blood and more!

Ok so this is the SECOND GDT tournament this month. Same deal as the one on the 9th, so if you can’t come to that one, plan for this one then!

And yes I’m still praying to the rain gods to KEEP THE FUCK AWAY/

**It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce that this is pretty much the last GDT we’ll be able to hold.

GD is pretty much going out of business, with Jeremy going to the army and his mother moving her office elsewhere.

Let’s make it a good one!**


Game Dimensions
7 Banta Place
Hackensack NJ 07601

phone # 201 488 7775


September 23, 2006


(Times are subject to change.)

12:00pm - GDT opens, casuals start.
2:00pm - Signups officially start.
3:00pm - Last call for signups.
3:30pm - Tournaments start, casuals end.
4:00pm - If you aren’t here, you are out.



Games to be played:

Street Fighter Three : Third Strike
Capcom vs Snk 2
Guilty Gear Slash

As time goes on we’ll likely switch games out for whatever you folks are up for playing, so long as someone remembers to bring it.

Also we are very much going to be running a MELTY BLOOD : ACT CADENZA tournament, so come support the scene! There will likely be a AE tournament too.


Five dollars HOUSE FEE.
Then five dollars PER TOURNAMENT.

So if you enter just Third Strike then it’s: $5 for house fee + $5 for Third Strike.


Here are directions on how to get to GD!

There are places to eat here and there.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN STICK / PAD, do not hold up the tournament because someone else is using your stick or five other people need to. Obviously this is a console tournament so MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT ;p.

The rules are currently being revised, but you know how it goes.

I believe that’s all.




start this shit earlier no need to have it start at fucking 6pm

yes i agree 100% wholeheartedly for everybodys sake

also make room for each station i know that it is cramped there but

  1. start earlier. if people know it starts earlier they will show up earlier. you saw how early walter and i were there.
  2. if you’re going to do 2/3 the entire way through without exception and you’re sticking to it, that’s fine. but you might want to post some kind of justification besides “it’s not my decision.” who exactly is in charge of your tournaments to begin with? i saw 4 different people with brackets in their hands during the event and everybody was arguing with each other about shit. you need to straighten your shit out and cater to your customers (i.e. the players coming) or else people will not attend your events anymore. I can tell you that if you continue to do 2/3 throughout an entire tourney when there is plenty of time to hold 3/5 then I will not continue to come to your events, and neither will a lot of people I talked to. especially when there is lots of competition in NYC/TGA and other areas that are holding locals.
  3. why the hell does Blimpie close at 7? do you live in Nazi Germany? If I come next time I’ll have to get food early or something and then hold on to it until I’m hungry. random

Please address the issues above in the next 2 weeks so people can decide whether to come out or not.

In NY/NJ, stores and shit close early as fuck.
This was a suprise to me when I moved out here from MA. In Fall River, I remember those random Portugese stores/delis close at like midnight.
But where I am now, at 8, EVERYTHING closes. So stupid.

depends on where in NJ

in new brunswick nothing closes before 2am

Can I basically understand that you guys DONT WANT KEVIN TO MAKE THE BRACKETS EVER AGAIN? That’s pretty much the one problem here, right?

Also, CT came at 5:30 last time so we couldn’t do anything. If you want it to start it earlier I hope you guys actually come that early, give me a time to work with here.


okay can we agree on some things

everybody wants

  • the tourney to start earlier
  • have someone else draw up brackets
  • have 3/5 finals at least


So long as that’s what everyone wants.


Wait, Bacardi wrote the brackets for 3S, so don’t go changing that now.


You’re the only one who wrote the brackets for the past ones, and thus far there’s been a problem with each one, so I don’t see how you get the authority in the matter either.

To put it bluntly this is really MY TOURNAMENT and not yours, and really regardless of you making the brackets I’d like to do it MY WAY, but again I’m apparently a moron so I don’t know any better.

I’ve gotten fucking complaints for each tournament, I’ve gotten people telling me you and you alone are fucking things up, and really I don’t give a damn if you think things will better your way but I’m getting sick of this.

And no, Min sure as hell is not the only complaining.

If you ran things noone would come, EVER, realize that.


  1. You write thea brackets for Slash and only Slash because noone in the GG community gives a damn for seeding or ranking points. I said this since GDT 2, that’s how it’s going to go.

  2. Walter and Min got 1,000,000% authority on brackets for 3S and CvS2 unless they are not present. That means they write the brackets and run the shit. They obviously want to support US, the last thing we should do is to shun them away. Talk to them about ‘ranking points’ (more so Min, as I don’t think Walter has any problems with it). If they both don’t give a shit for ranking points then guess what? Keep that shit for Slash. I don’t care if you think its rigging the brackets, it’s a fucking stupid ass cyber console cafe ass tournament in the middle of New Jersey, get over it.

  3. 3/5 finals for every god damn game because I said so. That’s your reason. If you’re not happy with it, tough.

  4. You are not the authoritive figure here, I am.

  5. If you don’t like this fine, don’t like it.

  6. Call me an idiot again and you can go to CF by yourself this Saturday.

  7. Sorry.


i feel like this has gotten too serious for a small tourney in jersey lets all apologize to each other and get some coffee and cake

Honestly I’ve wanted to do it your / Bacardi’s way from the start, but you and him and everyone else knew that already.

And yes cake sounds good.

coffee + cake

combine powers


I had a asthma attack last night after a all night session of dota come home from the hospital today and look at this thread and I am like whoa :confused:

people people please hug and make up you guys have known each other for a long time I dont see how you get all serious over these tournies everytime I come down :rofl: people ready to come to blows over brackets and shit

btw 3s will be 115% randomized brackets in winners and losers I always try to make it so you dont have to play who you came with friends/in the first 2 rounds but face it these are small tournies so playing your buddy is a possibility when there are less than 25 ppl even though 18 for 3s last tourney got me so hot I scrubbed out :wasted: . So come down and have fun I am going to use a 20 sided die to pick my character during the duration of the toiurney :looney: