GDT #3 - 7/22/06 - Hackensack, NJ - 3S/Slash/CvS2

I know this is hella late, but to be consistent we’re going to throw one this month too. So if you’re in the area and can’t make it to VTYME or just can’t trek on to T7 then come on down. Come show us how you did at Evo East! If the attendance is low than we can make a big gathering out of it anyway.


Game Dimensions
7 Banta Place
Hackensack NJ 07601

phone # 201 488 7775


July 22nd, 2006


(Times are subject to change.)

12:00 - GDT opens, casuals start.
4:00 - Signups officially start.
4:45 - Last call for signups.
5:30 - Tournaments start, casuals end.
6:00 - If you aren’t here, you are out.



Games to be played:

Street Fighter Three : Third Strike
Capcom vs Snk 2
Guilty Gear Slash

As time goes on we’ll likely switch games out for whatever you folks are up for playing, so long as someone remembers to bring it.


Five dollars HOUSE FEE.
Then five dollars PER TOURNAMENT.

So if you enter just Third Strike then it’s: $5 for house fee + $5 for Third Strike.


Here are directions on how to get to GD!

There are places to eat here and there.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN STICK / PAD, do not hold up the tournament because someone else is using your stick or five other people need to. Obviously this is a console tournament so MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT ;p.

The rules are currently being revised, but you know how it goes.

I believe that’s all.

And I promise there won’t be any damned flooding or mistakes this time.


whoo hoo! sweet! n.n i cant wait! last time was great and this time i intend to participate in both the 3s and ggxslash tourny! even though i’ma get my ass kicked >>

oh you should do Hyper SF Alpha too o.o

If theres interest and a copy of the game we’ll probably run a side tournament after the big3 are done.(big3 is the new official name for slash, 3s, and cvs2)(yes I did just make that up).

If you are going to show up after 5, call game dimensions or PM myself or chibi(chibi would probably be better as he’ll probably log in while we are there). I will hold a place to at least 6. I will only hold it longer if it isn’t holding up the tournament.

Bring your own controller. If you are sharing sticks bring a backup stick/controller. This wasn’t really enforced before, but it might need to be.

Now for the changes:
1)The ranking is out. Noone seemed to care at all. Seeding is now only done for top four, which is gotten from the top four of the previous tournament. This is only for double elimination tournaments, as there is no seeding in a round robin.

Edit: Slight change to seeding. It will be top four from the previous tournament taking the first four seeds, top four from the one before that taking the next four seeds, and so on. This means anyone who ever got top four will be seeded, but time will quickly degrade your seed. Anyone who hasn’t gotten top four, ever, will be randomly added to the end.

2)Round robin is for 7 or less, double elimination is 8+.

3)The formamt of the finals for top 4 of round robins is getting changed. Previously it was a simple 1vs4, 2vs3 double elimination, now its 3vs4, winner vs2, winner vs1, single elimination. This gives more reward for doing better in the round robin, and is faster.

4)There was previously no floating rule(moving people around the bracket to avoid playing friends). Floating will only be done for the first round, and anyone playing someone seeded will not be floated. If there is a large complaint about floating in general, a no floating rule could be enforced. This obviously only applies to double elimination, as you play everyone in a round robin anyway.

People can start saying that they are comming now.

Sorry, I’ll be at VYTME.

Hay, uh…I can’t come to this one, but I can probably come to the next one. Should be fun minus the part where I get my ass handed to me >_>

S’okay guys, have fun regardless of what you’re doing.

Trev, let me know what’s going down for Evo.

where the hell can you park

Every time I had to park I was able to do so on the same street that the place is on. There was one time I was being dropped off and there were no spots available, but you can park around the block.

It’s meter parking, but you don’t have to pay on weekends.

If you can’t get a spot on Banta you’ll have to take a left at the end of Banta and go around the block to get back onto the street you took to get onto Banta, but instead just go straight to the parking lot next to the railroad tracks.

That made no sense.

If you’re coming Sigley, please bring 12,000 games with you, thanks!


hey Mr. Cheebs, this is john, last time was fun so i may return, though i dont wish to be lost for several hrs again. could you post directions from PASSAIC st? (which is where mapquest totally fucks up) thank ye


This is how I know how to get to the place, but it’s possible you could take a turn here or there and cut the time, but whatever.

Get onto Passiac Street and go all the way down until you hit Prospect Street. This is at the bottom of a hill (somewhat), you’ll have passed a small church with a sign that has a bear on it (just throwing recognizable stuff out there)on your right.

Take a RIGHT onto Passiac and go down several blocks until you find CENTRAL AVENUE.

Take a left onto CENTRAL AVENUE.

Go straight down CENTRAL all the way to the end. At the end of Central (a traffic light) you will take a RIGHT, but make sure that when at that traffic light you are IN THE LEFT LANE (you heard me right). This is because…

You then take an immediate LEFT ONTO BANTA PLACE. The cafe is located near the end on the right. If there is NO PARKING on Banta then you have to take left off of Banta on to Main Street, then take the first quick left, and then ANOTHER to get get back on to STATE STREET. From State Street you’ll of course pass Banta, but then you’ll the police station on your right, and the railroad tracks.

Immediately after the tracks is a metered parking lot ON YOUR RIGHT, park there.

Call again if you have any trouble.


Today was the day, right? How’d it go? I hope enough people showed up. I’ll try to make it to the next one =)

Wasn’t many people, but I still had fun. Wish I played more AE at the end though.



4)Master Chibi


3)Master Chibi


3)Master Chibi


A BEAST!!! lol

wha’? no 3-man efz round-robin?

sorry guys, couldnt make it, i’ll be at the next-

I didnt even know this shit went down

x.x i wanted to go but we ended up not going… sorry i couldnt show…

i’ll deffinately be there next time

It wasn’t posted with enough time in advanced. At times we weren’t sure we were having one this month because of all the majors going on. We are looking at August 26th for the next one.

Hurry up with GDT4 before summer ends D: