GD Calisthenics Crew, GTF in here!

In this thread, I will give general fitness advice to any GD’ers who want my opinion.
This is a follow up to the conversations I’ve started in the Dating and Relationship Thread.
My commentary has been well received there, however I feel my posts don’t quite fit the tone of that discussion.
I am certified by an internationally accredited institution. I have had massive success in my personal life as a personal trainer, martial artist and model.
Roughly 50% of my real-life client base are other personal trainers. The other 50% are a varied mix of competitors, models, fashionistas, and military/law enforcement personnel.
While I maintain a working relationship with many warriors and first-responders, I do not represent the official policies of any military or law enforcement agency.
I came very close to signing a sponsorship deal with a well-known (and global) supplement company, this year. This company is above Walmart-Tier.
The deal fell through because it would have made my personal endeavors very difficult to pursue. Nothing against anybody. I would have happily pushed it through if I weren’t already so active.

I will never post my face here, so please don’t ask.

Out of respect for the Weight Lifting & Nutrition Thread, I will only discuss body-weight movements and the practical applications thereof.
Calisthenics and ‘Weighted Calisthenics’ are my area of expertise. I swear by functionality. Aesthetics are just a bonus that come along with natural compound movements.
Yes, we work legs.

I want to be a source of ideas. I am also a student of life, like everybody else. I can learn and be humbled by others.

If you’re a beginner, this straight-forward routine will put you on the map.

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How do you feel about r/bodyweightfitness ?

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Calisthenics are dope

I like this a lot.

Wish I had better access to a pull up bar, but it is damn cold outside round here right now.

I have a deep respect for calisthenics because it takes a lot of core strength. I cant do any of that shit for the life of me and my goal is to be huge as fuck. But i still like the sthenix

All them barstar dudes are cold as ice.

Okay ill start with a question

Whats the best practical calisthenix routine to burn fat but still maintain mass

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Lol yeah I thought nickcocks would have realized that question would be mostly diet dependent. Stay off them drugs nickybaby.

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Yea I dont trust my door frame to support my weight :rofl:

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I know its diet dependent turdpalm, i was asking because in bodybuilding circles and everyone i talk to the consensus is HIIT kills gains so I was asking to see what the sthenix guys perspective on that is.

Do you even lift

Nigga you use gear what the fuck do you care? You need to stop using dirty needles bruh.

u still need to do cardio either way fool. plus calisthenix look sw4g

I have a park near by so no need to buy work out stuff, just say in I don’t trust my door frames.

Been slacking lately because of a wrist injury a few months ago, but plan on going back into it hardcore.

I’ve broken several door frames and the bars that go on them. I don’t trust them at my weight (6’3, 235lbs).

Yeah them shits are for short dudes and string bean ass frail niggas like razor and what’s his name that does the kendo. That boy got like zero muscle mass lol.